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St Lucia Photography

If you are planning a trip my way and St Lucia Photography is on your list of must dos I will venture a guess that I just might be the one you are searching for.  Whether you have a digital camera and want to learn how to really use it, or you simply wish to have a vacation photo session I can definitely make the magic happen for you.

St Lucia is such a scenic paradise that no trip is truly complete without some lasting memories for you to take back home.

How To Get Perfect St Lucia Sunset Photos

St Lucia Photography

How To Get Perfect St Lucia Sunset Photos …Nothing speaks of the Caribbean quite like a sunset photo, especially when there are palm trees silhouetted in the foreground.  How to get Perfect…

Cha’s St Lucia Photo Shoot

St Lucia Photography

Cha’s St Lucia Photo Shoot So today I thought I’d share a little behind the scenes insight into my approach to photography and to this really wonderful shoot I had…

Best Places To Photograph In St Lucia

St Lucia Photography

Probably the most common question I get asked by folks planning a St Lucia vacation is: “Kirk what are the best places to get really great pictures when we get…

Kirk Elliott Finally Joins Instagram

St Lucia Photography

Kirk Elliott Finally Joins Instagram It’s been nearly a year since my last blog post and it seems like an eternity.  Wasn’t that I had nothing to say but rather…

Kirk with Chef Nina

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Kirk Elliott

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men The best laid plans of mice and men is my little story of how I’ve been meaning to post an update on which is…

St Lucia Photographer Challenges Students To Dare To Dream

Kirk Elliott Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE St Lucia Photographer Kirk Elliott Launches “Dare To Dream” Photo/Essay Competition at Corinth Secondary School Iconic St Lucia Photographer Kirk Elliott has launched a Photo/Essay Competition at the…

St Lucia Sunset

St Lucia Photography

Wow! – It’s hard to imagine that it’s Day 30 already… And I hope you have enjoyed exploring St Lucia with me over the last month.  I also hope that…

St Lucia Sunset Photographer

St Lucia Photography

I promised in a post some time ago to tell the story of the challenges I encountered on this photo shoot. So today I’ve returned to tell the story.  This…

Photography Tips & Tricks – The Michael Angelo Theory

St Lucia Photography

A question I get asked all the time is “Kirk how do you get such great pictures?” and if you have been asking this question too well I’ve got the…

Sandals St Lucia Aerial Photography

Sandals St Lucia Aerial Photography

St Lucia Photography

Need pictures from lofty heights – in focus with straight horizons, shot in minimum time because helicopter time in St Lucia is extremely expensive? Then ask just about anyone and…

Our COVID-19 Mitigation Protocols For Your Safety & Protection

To ensure you Ultimate Safety from COVID-19 we now ONLY offer Private St Lucia Experiences. We are COVID Safety Certified by the Saint Lucia Ministry of Health & the Ministry of Tourism and we adhere to the Saint Lucia Government approved COVID Mitigation Protocols for your safety and security.

Please click here for details on our safety protocols developed for your protection and peace of mind

The ever evolving COVID Safety Protocols can make getting the best of your St Lucia Vacation quite a challenge. Contact us early in your planning so we may help you navigate the Do's & Don'ts of the safety protocols without you stressing and struggling to figure it out on your own.

Call or whatsapp Kirk at 1.758.518.5800
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