Private St Lucia Photo Tour

In a Nutshell

What We Will Cover:
  • How the Camera Works – Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and the Water in a Glass Analogy
  • Composition – Rule of Thirds, One Shot – One Kill vs Spray & Pray … or How to be a Photo Assassin!
  • Mastering Light – Understanding and controlling light for more impactful images
  • Engaging with locals abroad – Engaging with empathy, then backing this up with tipping
  • Circular Polarizers and why this is the only filter I use 99% of the time
  • Scene Analysis & The Michael Angelo Theory. This technique embodies elegance in simplicity and will tie it all together
What’s Included:
  • Pick Up at your accommodations
  • Piton Beer, water & lunch.
  • Admission to any locations where an admission fee is in effect

6 hours

Private St Lucia Photo Tour in Detail

Kirk is passionate about photography and about sharing his knowledge and expertise with you. So whether you are a beginner photographer or an advanced professional there’s plenty for you to gain from a Private Photo Tour with Kirk.

It all begins with your Zoom Consultation during wish Kirk seeks to learn about your photography journey – where you’ve come from, where you’re at and where you wish to get to photographically.  He will ask about your biggest challenges and will work with you on a strategy to conquer those challenges and in so doing help you take your photography to a higher level.

You will learn how to pre-visualize your final image long before you even pick up your camera. Kirk will introduce you to a novel idea he refers to as becoming a “Photo Assassin” on a mission of One Shot – One Kill.  Then there’s the Michael Angelo Theory which is another of Kirk’s unique approaches to photography that causes you to slow down and really think carefully about your shot before you hit your shutter button.

You will end up shooting less and coming back with more winners than ever before.

Ranked #1 By TripAdvisor

St Lucia Photo Tour ranked #1 on Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor has ranked the St Lucia Photo Tour the #1 Outdoor Activity in Castries for many years and as one of the Top 5 Photo Tours in the entire Caribbean. When you read the many 5 Star reviews this island experience enjoys you immediately see why.

This is so much more than just another island tour. It is instead an investment in your passion for photography that you will benefit from for the rest of your life whenever you are shooting pictures.

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Shooting Locals Abroad

Robert de Bruce, St Lucia
Robert de Bruce, St Lucia

Have you ever been away on vacation and seen some local who was so full of character that you simply had to get a shot … or two?! However, you never took the picture for fear of offending the person, and you were simply too shy to ask.  Well, so many persons who have done the photo tour have said that this was them too.

If this describes you too you are in for a special treat as you will be amazed at the techniques we will share that will have you getting pictures of locals doing their thing to your heart’s desire.

You see it’s all about engagement, and respect. People abroad are generally proud of themselves and of what they do. By engaging with them and taking time out to understand and appreciate their world amazing insights and engagement can be had. During your photo tour we will introduce you to proven techniques for breaking the ice and engaging with locals abroad for pictures you never imagined you could capture. And this is just the start of more really cool stuff to come…


Customized Itinerary Just For You

During your Zoom consultation Kirk will work with you to custom design an itinerary based on what you are passionate about and outcomes you wish to achieve.  Kirk will then select locations and shooting activities based on your photographic passion as well as general areas of interest to you. 

So, if you love history we will explore old ruins.  However, if you are more into landscapes or seascapes we have you covered too.  Or maybe quaintly rustic villages are your cup of tea.  And if this is the case – not to worry as we also have this covered.  By connecting to areas of deeper interest for you Kirk will introduce you to the idea of establishing a connection with whatever you are photographing. We will explore how this connection leads to more impactful images.

This is how you elevate your photography from merely being snapshots to instead becoming stunning masterpieces.

In pursuit of all of this you will discover how to slowdown and shoot strategically and methodically as the idea is for you to make every shot count … coming back to the idea of One Shot/One Kill and being a Photo Assassin. 

But more on this when we meet up on the Zoom…

Our Mission on Your Photo Tour

Villagers pushing a dugout canoe out to sea in Anse La Raye, St. Lucia
Off to Work

Your mission on this Photo Tour will be to come away with a few images that are worthy of being enlarged and hung on a wall in no less a place than say the lobby of a prestigious hotel.

And my mission will be to help you achieve this goal.

Improving & Empowering Your Photography

By now you probably realize that your Private Photo Tour is all about improving and empowering your photography.  And if you are already at the top of your game you will appreciate how hanging out with a working photographer will connect you with the best places to photograph as opposed to being with a regular taxi driver who doesn’t appreciate light and how it affects your images and as a consequence can’t take you to the best places for photography.

Non-Photographer Spouses Are Welcome Too

Non-photographer spouses are welcome too, and because most spouses do not have a keen interest in photography your day out with Kirk is also an introduction to authentic St Lucia history, culture and cuisine.  Kirk will share amazing stories throughout the day that will make St Lucia come alive in a way that you simply must experience to truly appreciate.

So join us for your very own Private St Lucia Photo Tour and discover the St Lucia so many people have no idea exists.

… And best of all you’ll have the pictures to prove it!

A Little Bit About Kirk & What Sets The St Lucia Photo Tour Apart

By the end of your day with Kirk you will discover why so many folks on TripAdvisor rave about this Private St Lucia Photo Tour and rate it one of the best St Lucia Excursions.

Marigot Bay St Lucia
Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

Kirk will introduce you to his counter-intuitive contrarian approach to creating stunning images and you will quickly see why he enjoys so many stunning reviews and why TripAdvisor ranks the St Lucia Photo Tour as one of the Top 5 Photo Tours in the Caribbean.

Kirk has trained with some of the best photographers in the world from Hawaii to Miami and across the Caribbean too.  He has been a member of the American Society of Media Photographers (South Florida Chapter) for many years and has gained a wealth of knowledge and insights from attending many of their meetings and workshops.

Kirk’s Affiliation with National Geographic & The New York Times

Additionally, Kirk is a National Geographic Certified Educator as well as a National Geographic Storytelling in the Classroom Photographer and he is also a New York Times contributing photographer.

With 30+ years of commercial photography to his credit and a passion for sharing the lessons you will learn and the insights you will gain will serve you well beyond just your day out with Kirk.


U$850.00 – up to 2 Persons … with a reduced per person fee for additional persons in your party

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