Private St Lucia Photo Tour

Ranked as the #1 Outdoor Activity in Castries, St Lucia and one of the Top 5 Photo Tours in the Entire Caribbean, Kirk Elliott’s St Lucia Photo Tour is all the rage among travelers who love photography – from novice to seasoned professionals.

St Lucia Photo TourKirk’s unique style of teaching photography is counter intuitive as well as elegant in its simplicity. But don’t be fooled by this as the impact of Kirk’s teaching style is guaranteed to have a profound impact on your photography whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro.  Kirk has an uncanny knack for reducing seemingly complex photography ideas into simple everyday analogies that are easy to understand and put into practice.  Concepts such as facing your shadow to find the best light, or stretching your arms to your left and right to discover where to face for the most intense polarization effects.

Your Private Photo Tour starts long before you even leave for Saint Lucia as Kirk will arrange for a photography consultation with you via Zoom.  In this consultation he will inquire about your level of photography – beginner, intermediate or advanced.  He will help your explore what exactly drives your passion for photography, what are your biggest photography challenges, what are the single most important things you wish to achieve from your day out with him … and so much more..  Armed with this information Kirk will then develop an itinerary that will not only help you take your photography to a whole new level, but he will also take you to some choice locations so you can capture images worthy of framing and hanging on your walls.  So not only will you have an amazing day out with Kirk, but you will also have the pictures to prove it!

Non-Photographer Spouses Are Welcome Too

Non-photographer spouses are welcome too, and because most spouses do not have a keen interest in photography your day out with Kirk is also an introduction to authentic St Lucia history, culture and cuisine.  Kirk will share amazing stories throughout the day that will make St Lucia come alive in a way that you simply must experience to truly appreciate.

By the end of your day with Kirk you will discover why so many folks on TripAdvisor rave about his Private St Lucia Photo Tour and rate it one of the best St Lucia vacation experiences.

What We Will Cover:
  • How the Camera Works – Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and the Water in a Glass Analogy
  • Composition – Rule of Thirds, One Shot – One Kill vs Spray & Pray (or How to nail your shot every time)
  • Mastering Light – Understanding and taming light for more impactful images
  • Engaging with locals abroad – Engaging with empathy; plus tipping techniques and the power of tipping
  • Circular Polarizers and why this is the only filter I use 99.95% of the time
  • Scene Analysis & The Michael Angelo Theory – Elegant in its simplicity – this theory will tie it all together
What’s Included:
  • Pick Up at your accommodations
  • Piton Beer, water & lunch. Due to COVID restrictions only take out lunches are available at this time
  • Admission to any locations where an admission fee is in effect