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Greetings Dear Vacationer,

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This short write up provides an overview of our Private St Lucia Excursions.  Our excursions are uniquely different from all the rest as we will consult with you to create bespoke island experiences that immerses you in authentic St Lucia culture, history and cuisine to bring St Lucia to life in a whole new way like has never been done before…

Now, if you’re not too much into reading we have you covered too!

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But having said this we actually hope that you’ll stick around and read till the end as doing so will allow you to enjoy the maximum benefits of our unique St Lucia excursions.

How COVID_19 Gave Rise To These Private St Lucia Excursions

While the St Lucia Photo Tour was originally only about photo tours as the name implies, COVID-19 came along and totally disrupted that apple cart.

Couple on a boat in front of St Lucia’s Pitons with 2 team members enjoying a Private St Lucia Excursion
Private St Lucia Excursions

Not one to let a good crisis go to waste, we quickly pivoted and switched to offering Private Photo Tours exclusively.  This was out of an abundance of caution for the safety and well-being of our clients.  We figured that by not mixing persons from different households we were pro-actively protecting our clients to the maximum.

A honeymooning couple loved this idea of private island experiences so much that they asked if we would create some non-photography Private St Lucia Excursions for them as they had no interest in photography, but simply loved our style.  And so was born these very personalized Private St Lucia Tours.

Private St Lucia Photo Tour

If you are passionate about photography and wish to take your love for the art to a whole new level of creative expression, then the St Lucia Photo Tour is perfect for you.  Kirk will introduce you to his contrarian approach to photography that will have you seeing the light – literally, as well as creatively.

St Lucia Photographer Kirk Elliott explaining photography to a photographer during a St Lucia Photo Tour

Kirk’s One Shot/One Kill approach along with his Michael Angelo Theory will have you shooting less but nailing more shots than ever before!  Little wonder folks over on TripAdvisor are raving about their day spent with Kirk on these Photo Tours.

Oh, and if you’ve ever been reluctant to take pictures of locals abroad Kirk will introduce you to a secret hack that guarantees you will get the most amazingly engaging photos of locals abroad without offending anyone.  You will be amazed at how well this technique works and best of all – you’ll have the pictures to prove it!

Trip Advisor Ranks the St Lucia Photo Tour #1

For a number of years the St Lucia Photo Tour held the position of #1 Outdoor Activity in Castries, St Lucia as ranked by satisfied visitors.  In 2019 the Photo Tour was inducted into the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame, having received Certificates of Excellence 5 years in a row.  Additionally, TripAdvisor ranks the photo tour as one of the Top 5 Photo Tours in the Caribbean – an accolade of which we are extremely proud.

Click here to learn more about a Private St Lucia Photo Tour then book a FREE Zoom Consultation so we can help you plan out and customize your very own personalized Photo Tour.

St Lucia Tours – The Very Best of St Lucia

St Lucia is an amazingly exotic Caribbean island that is ideal for soft adventure.  The island sits directly in the path of the North East Trade Winds which blow off West Africa and straight across the Atlantic Ocean .  These winds bring the rains which keep us a vibrant shade of green for much of the year.  Now the beautiful thing about the rains is that they tend to fall early in the mornings and sometimes in the early afternoon too.  In fact it is not unusual for the rains to be coming down in buckets per minute at 5:00 AM and by 7:30 AM or so there’s beautiful blue sky and brilliant sunshine, as if it never rained!  Such is the nature of St Lucia Weather.

Some Popular St Lucia Tours

Here are some popular St Lucia Tours:

  • Visiting the Drive-In Volcano and Mud Baths in Soufriere
  • Ziplining – This is always plenty fun!
  • Hiking Tet Paul – This is a 45 minute not too strenuous hike that affords you stunning views of both the Gros Piton and the Petit Piton mountains.
  • Hiking Gros Piton – This hike is quite strenuous and because you have to scramble over some big boulders in certain areas the hike is not for the faint of heart. But even if you don’t make it to the top it can still be a memorable experience.
  • The Booze Cruise – What fun is an island vacation without getting out on the ocean.  There are plenty boats doing both the day sail booze cruise and the ever popular sunset cruise.

Private St Lucia Excursions

Petit Piton with a luxury yacht in the Jalousie Bay viewed from Morne La Croix in Soufriere, St Lucia
Best Excursion in St Lucia

While the tours above are some of the long established and popular ones, in recent years there have been complaints that many St Lucia tours are dated and may even have lost some of their shine.  In fact, this was the sentiment expressed by some senior tourism officials when they visited St Lucia a few years ago trying to get the island to update its visitor experiences.

Bearing this in mind, together with feedback from clients, we decided to heed the words of those tourism executives and create something fresh and new… well, actually – a few things fresh and new!

  • From Expedited VIP Airport Clearances that allow you to skip the customs and immigration lines, to Pink Champagne and Fragranced Cold Towels once we meet up on the outside – our Private St Lucia Excursions are a truly unique series of experiences that must be experienced to be appreciated.
  • The Island Explorer is our popular land-based St Lucia Tour and…
  • The Private Power Catamaran with Charcuterie Board and Pink Champagne is a best seller water-based St Lucia Excursion.
  • Then for the evening there’s our very own Private Sunset Cruise with optional dinner.

Best St Lucia Excursion

So what’s the best St Lucia Excursion I can hear you asking.  Well, there’s really no best St Lucia Excursion.  Instead, it’s all about what experience tickles your fancy most.  So, to discover what will be best for you we invite you to jump on a FREE Zoom Consultation with us so we can explore what works best for you.  Armed with this info we will then develop your perfect St Lucia Excursions!

What Makes St Lucia So Unique

While St Lucia is arguably one of the prettiest of all the Caribbean islands, pretty is merely skin deep while true beauty comes from within.  And St Lucia has a beauty that emanates from the depths of her soul.

You see, Saint Lucia was fought for many times and in the process changed hands a total of 14 times to be 7 times English and 7 times French.  And in the midst of all of this both her rich Amerindian and her rich African influences helped fashion us into the unique place and people we are today.  However, because both the Amerindian and the African facets of our history and culture were oral rather than written they are more elusive, but still very much present.

As a National Geographic Certified Educator I have been digging deep into the reservoirs of our history and culture with a view to bringing to life these little known aspects of our history and culture.  I have made this a central part of all our Private St Lucia excursions and this is the secret sauce that brings our St Lucia excursions to life in a way that is unlike all others.

So I invite you to check them out by clicking on the images below.  Then hit me up on chat, or by clicking the “Book a Consultation” button on any of our webpages, and let’s get you experiencing the very best Private St Lucia Excursions.

One Love, Kirk

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