VIP Expedited Airport Clearance

In A Nutshell

What You Will Enjoy:
  • Skip the lines with VIP Expedited Airport Clearance
  • An Airport Authority Agent (AAA) will meet you shortly after yo deplane
  • Clearing Immigration & Customs will be a breeze and you will be out enjoying St Lucia in record time

In Detail

Skip to the front of the line with our Exclusive VIP Expedited Airport Clearance
and while you’re at it why not include our Pink Champagne, Fragranced Cold Towel, Scenic Route
Airport Transfer to your resort or villa…

Welcome to St Lucia!

Start your St Lucia vacation right by skipping past the St Lucia immigration and Customs lines once you get off your plane.

Aircraft Arriving in St Lucia

Most international flights coming into St Lucia arrive round about the same time in the early afternoon.  So, if your ticket shows an arrival time between 1:00 – 4:00 PM you can be guaranteed there’ll be a substantial immigration line.  This can be an irritating intrusion into your vacation time.  And if you had to catch a connecting flight to get to St Lucia you would have been up really early, or worse still had gotten little to no sleep the night before.

If any of this describes your situation you can save yourself the stress of both waiting on the immigration line and then having to wait again at customs.  Though if it’s some consolation – the customs line moves faster than the immigration line.

Avoid the Hassle With VIP Expedited Airport Clearance

VIP Welcome Sign

With our VIP Expedited Airport Clearance an Airport Authority Agent will meet and greet you once you reach the Arrival Hall after disembarking your aircraft.  The agent will then escort you to the head of the immigration line so you can clear immigration in the shortest possible time.  After clearing immigration the agent will then accompany you to retrieve your luggage and then take you to the top of the customs line for a speedy and seamless customs clearance.  Your VIP Airport Authority Agent will then escort you to the outside from where you Airport Transfer will be waiting.

Electronic Immigration Form (EIF) Submission Eases Entry Friction

St Lucia recently introduced a modernized seamless entry process through an online portal that allows you to submit your immigration details ahead of your arrival

Simple 5 Step EIF Submission Process

  1. Visit
  2. Submit your completed EIF
  3. You will receive a QR Code via email upon successful submission of your EIF
  4. Make a screen capture of your QR Code and save it on your electronic device (phone/tablet etc.) Additionally we recommend that you also print a copy and keep it with your travel documents as a back up.
  5. Present your QR Code along with your other travel documents to immigration.

What Folks Are Saying

Here’s a first hand review from a family that opted for expedited VIP Airport Clearance and the Fragranced Cold Towel, Pink Champagne, Scenic Route Airport Transfer…

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