Giving Forward

Meet The Students

The Giving Forward Project seeks to empower school children through a direct connection with visitors just like you and we’d love to have you participate.

We have adopted the Dugard Combined School which is an elementary school of just 85 students, Grades K – 6, and 12 teachers deep in rural St. Lucia. We are on a mission of self awareness and self actualization with the school as an exercise to showcase that amazing accomplishments can be achieved with just a little push and we’d love for you to come aboard and lend a helping hand.

Twice a month during the school term our Island Explorer visits the school for some one on one time with students and teachers. These are some really lively sessions where students get to learn first hand about your world through the questions they ask you and the stories you share with them. And you in turn get a unique taste of authentic St Lucia through your engagement and interaction with the students.

Supporting The School with School Supplies

With limited resources at its disposal the school is always in need of items that are often hard to come by either through lack of local availability, lack of resources – or both. We’d really love it if you could assist by bringing any of the items on the list below and we invite you to follow the progress of the school and the students by subscribing to our monthly Giving Forward Newsletter.

School Supplies Required

School Supplies for Grade K Students
  1. Ink – HP 664
  2. Ink – HP 83A
  3. Ink – HP 74 (black)
  4. Ink – HP 75 (colored)
  5. Educational Games
  6. Skipping ropes
  7. Stationery Supplies
  8. Art Supplies like paint etc
  9. A laptop for the Principal’s Office

Recent Work

Empowering Students Through Play

We recently worked with the school to set up some educational games at the front of the schoolyard. This was a collaborative effort that involved and engaged the students. Together with the teachers we asked the students what dis they want for their school in terms of school improvements and a playground was a recurring request.

We have started the playground project with the games that were painted at the front and we hope to raise funds to build out the playground in the new school year.

Click here to check out videos of the on going playground project ==>> Dugard Elementary School Playground Project

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