St Lucia StoryBook Weddings


With These Rings…

So the proposal has been made and accepted and you’ve decided that your destination wedding will be in St. Lucia. Well Congratulations to Both of You!!

Now begins your mission of deciding where to stay, maybe even who to invite and what things to do beyond your wedding while you’re in St Lucia. But beyond all of this, selecting your wedding photographer will be one of the most important decisions you will have to make. Get it right and all will be well. However get it wrong and you could be left with a lifetime of regret. Trouble is – All photographers and all photography are not created equal. But when you don’t know that you don’t know you can be in for some unpleasant surprises … and that’s not a nice place to be. Sadly though, most people only discover this after it is too late.

Your Typical Destination Wedding Photography Setup

Traditionally destination wedding photography involves a local photographer shooting pictures of your wedding and then allowing you to select your favourite ones which are then saved to a jumpdrive so you can print to your heart’s content when you get back home.

While this is the cheapest way to go it simply doesn’t get you the best results possible. Thing is, although you can print to your heart’s content when you get back home you simply don’t have the ability to create stunning albums that are as exquisitely designed and crafted as if they were done by your photographer. And think about it – if you had shot your wedding back home you would have expected to get an album as well.

Resort Wedding Photography

Then there is wedding photography you can get directly from your resort. However, reading through the reviews you will find that many brides complain that this just didn’t cut it for them. This will probably not surprise you when you consider that today’s employee resort photographers are most likely not equipped to deliver at the same level as dedicated wedding photographers.

StoryBook Weddings

Pure Niceness

So this is where our StoryBook Weddings come in. Having produced over 6,000 weddings as an independent photography contractor to a large hotel that specializes in weddings we know a thing or two about wedding photography that make brides truly happy. And with today’s technology and ease of producing beautiful wedding albums like you would expect if you had gotten married at home we saw no reason why you couldn’t have this for your St Lucia destination wedding.

This is how we came to create this Storybook Wedding Package which we are quite excited to share with you.

Exquisite Wedding Albums Handcrafted in Italy

Heirloom Wedding Albums

We shoot with your wedding album in mind and these albums are handcrafted from the finest materials at our design studio in Italy. Now you can skip this wedding album option if you wish and just go for images only saved to a jump drive; and we are happy to do that for you if this is how you wish to go.

But the challenge with this is that all too often these pictures end up remaining only as data hidden away somewhere on a jump drive and they never get to see the light of day. So bear this in mind as you decide which way to go.

Wall Art in Canvas, Acrylic or Aluminum

Stunning Wall Art

We are excited to announce that we have recently added wall art up to 96 inches wide to our offering, and we can ship these to you anywhere in the world! Once upon a time prints on canvas were all the rage. But the technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and you will be blown away by the stunning beauty of a large print of your favourite wedding image hung on a wall at home. There are countless styles and options to choose from and we promise that you will be spoilt for choice.

Picture yourselves in the chopper – doors off with the Pitons behind you. Or how about a shot on the beach, again with the Pitons behind you as the sun is setting and bathes you in the warmth of its radiant glow. Now picture any one of these images split into three for a really cool effect. Or how about four or five images combined into a beautiful design and hung alongside each other on your Wedding Wall.

As you can see – the sky and the depth of your imagination are the only limits at play… and I promise that once we start brainstorming you will discover that your imagination knows no bounds…

To learn more about all that your wedding photography can be simply click the Chat or the “Book a Consultation button below to let the magic…