Best Places To Photograph In St Lucia

Probably the most common question I get asked by folks planning a St Lucia vacation is:

“Kirk what are the best places to get really great pictures when we get to St Lucia?” I probably get that question a lot because of the popularity of the St Lucia Photo Tour that I do.
So I thought I’d put together my top recommendations for great vacation photos that will say “Yes – I’ve been to St Lucia!” . Now before jumping in I must say that just about every place I go in St Lucia offers great photo ops. That’s the easy part. The challenge, or the fun – depending on how you view it – is understanding the light and using that understanding to get great pictures. But that’s for another post.

So with that said here’s my top 7 locations … in no particular order:

  • Pigeon Island St Lucia
    Pigeon Island

    Pigeon Island is a Saint Lucia National Trust Landmark and a great place to shoot pictures. Expansive green areas, military ruins dating back to the eighteenth and nineteenth century battles between the English and the French, pretty beaches and so much more make for a great half day of exploration and photography. Try framing a palm tree within the framework of an open door or window in the ruins for an interesting study of hard against soft…

  • Castries St Lucia
    Castries From Morne Fortune

    Castries From Morne Fortune – The vendors’ arcade and Look Out right across from the Governor General’s mansion affords you an excellent vantage point for photographs. The expansive vista stretches all the way up to Pigeon Island in the north, and on a clear day the view extends right out to Martinique which is 25 miles north of St Lucia. This picture is great both in the morning and in the evening as at both times you will be positioned at an angle to the light…

  • Marigot Bay
    Marigot Bay

    Marigot Bay – Pictures here are best shot in the morning from the refreshment bar atop the hill overlooking the bay. Don’t try this shot in the afternoon as the scene will be backlit and no way near as vibrant as in the morning. If you can only manage to be there in the afternoon try driving all the way down to the bay, jump on the ferry and shoot pictures from the palm fringed side of the bay where the ferry will drop you off…

Kirk – Why Don’t My Pictures Look As Pretty As Yours?

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  • Anse La Raye
    Anse La Raye

    Anse La Raye – This sleepy little fishing village is a photographer’s dream! Shoot down on the beach with the fishing boats at rest, kids frolicking in the water (if school is out), villagers pulling in a boat, or pushing one out to sea, fishermen mending nets – and so much more. Or walk across to the village bakery and get some pictures of local bread being made, then head over to the church for some low light photography… A high ISO and slow shutter speed will be your best friend here.

  • Dennery Fishing Scene
    Dennery St Lucia

    Dennery (Down on the docks) – Being on the east side of the island, Dennery is best photographed in the afternoon with the sunlight streaming back onto the docks. Expect to get pictures of fishermen bringing in their catch, villagers just milling about, playing cards or dominoes, or indulging in some other really laid back village activity.

  • The Piton - St Lucia
    The Piton

    The Pitons – Your Saint Lucia Photography is simply not complete without pictures of our majestic Pitons. Driving into Soufriere (home of the Pitons) from the north you will come upon numerous viewing points that will provide you with perfect views of those iconic mountains. The Pitons are probably St Lucia’s most photographed landmark so try shooting to tell a story that has not been told before… challenging I know, but the rewards will be worth your efforts.

  • Sunset - St Lucia
    St Lucia Sunset

    Sunset Photos – Just as with the Pitons, no St Lucia vacation is truly complete without some great sunset shots! In fact what fun is a Caribbean vacation without beautiful golden sunsets with the sun light shimmering across the ocean. If your hotel is on the west coast of the island all you need do is walk out to the beach; and if you are not on the beach just pick any beach and head out to it. Some of my favorite beaches for sunsets are Malabar Beach outside the Rendezvous Hotel, the Pigeon Island Causeway outside The Landings, with all the yachts at rest in the bay, and down in Soufriere right off the beach from The Hummingbird Restaurant.

So there you have it – a round up of my 7 favorite places in St Lucia for stunning photography.

Things To Note:

— Be sure to engage with locals and seek their permission to photograph them. Many persons will say yes when asked, however those same persons often take offense when not asked.

— Sign up for the St Lucia Photo Tour to learn how to make your photos POP!

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