The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men
Kirk with Chef Nina

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

The best laid plans of mice and men is my little
story of how I’ve been meaning to post an update
on which is the very best camera to have in light
of Nikon’s recently released D750 and also to post
an update on the Alumni Photo Lounge.

Well all I can say is: I hope that you won’t hold my
tardiness too hard against me.

Turns out that preparing for my presentation
at St Lucia’s recently concluded “Love Elevated
Wedding Symposium” took more out of me than
I envisioned it would…

And now I’m getting ready to shoot one of the
most exciting weddings of my career.  You see
I plan to take the bride and groom up in a helicopter,
doors off with her wedding dress flying out the back
and the Pitons in the background!

In fact I spent an hour or two last night with Alex,
the only helicopter pilot I’d trust this shoot too;
going over the flight plan and shooting strategy
and everyone on the team is all fired up.

Oh, and I thought I’d share the picture above with
me and St Lucia’s own Chef Nina of Top Chef fame,
taken at the wedding symposium…
Having recently produced some photography of her
it was way cool to stand on the other side of the camera
and even cooler to be doing this right next to her.

So once again hope you can bear with me just a little
while longer for more Alumni Lounge News…

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2 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

  1. WOW, Tardiness is no problem here Kirk as its always good to hear from you. Your upcoming shoot sounds epic. Be safe and may the light be with you. Hope we get to see a couple of the pics.
    NY Jimmy

    1. Hey Jimmy,

      Many Many Thanks for your generosity and I absolutely love your line “May the Light be with You!”

      In fact I’m making an official request to borrow it 🙂

      And for sure I’m gonna post some pics…

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