Sandals St Lucia Aerial Photography

Sandals St Lucia Aerial Photography
Sandals St Lucia Aerial Photography

Need pictures from lofty heights – in focus with
straight horizons, shot in minimum time because
helicopter time in St Lucia is extremely expensive?
Then ask just about anyone and they’ll tell you
Kirk Elliott is your man!

Yeah – It’s true…and how I came to love aerial
photography is a rather interesting story.  It was
many years ago when the St Lucia Game Fishing
Association wanted aerial pictures…

The pictures were of boats running at top speed
at the start of their annual Big Game Fish
Competition.  The helicopter pilot asked had I
ever flown in a chopper before

And his eyes lit up with to my response of “No”
and he promised to scare me sh!tless as I
watched the maintenance crew take the doors of
the helicopter and I wondered what would be…

We took off flying closer to the sea than I had
ever flown before then when we got up to Rodney
Bay there was a line of big and small fishing boats
which all set off at top speed at the firing of a flare

And then all hell broke lose as the chopper chased
after boats and I busied myself shooting pictures.
I remember one shot in which guys were waving up
at us from a speeding boat…

Then next moment they were all clutching at their
caps…but were too late as the chopper’s rotor wash
blew them straight off their heads!  Then after about
an hour of chasing and shooting we headed back to base

And it was then that I calmly asked Alex – the pilot,
“So when am I getting the scary part?”  And
from then we’ve gotten on like white on rice and today
Alex is the only pilot I’ll do a photo shoot with…

In the pic above I was on a photo shoot for Sandals
St Lucia when they wished to update their brochures
and didn’t have time to fly in foreign photographers –
not that I felt they were required…

Wanna come hang with me as I share real world
photo techniques that will have you making
your best photos ever? – Photos worthy of hanging
on your walls, or even entering in a competition?

Click Here to discover more about hanging out
with me on a St Lucia Photo Safari…

See You Soon,

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Bad Ass St Lucia Photographer

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