St Lucia Sunset Photographer

St Lucia Sunset Photographer
St Lucia Beach Photo Shoot

I promised in a post some time ago to tell the story
of the challenges I encountered on this photo shoot.
So today I’ve returned to tell the story.  This is a story
about faith and perseverance and believing in oneself…

So James and I got our wires crossed which robbed us of
valuable beach photography time.

We had lost a lot of time because the weather was
absolutely terrible the morning of his shoot and he
never got my message that I hadn’t cancelled the
shoot so when I arrived to meet them neither he
nor Robin were ready.

This ended up costing us 45 precious minutes and
because I was afraid that we would lose the sunset I
even took them to a closer beach than the one I had
originally planned to go to

As you can see from the pictures above the afternoon
was dark and gray and not really encouraging for
a St Lucia sunset photo shoot.  Problem though is that
James and Robin didn’t have much time to reschedule
as they were leaving in two days.

So despite the bad weather we got to the business of
shooting and were rewarded with one of my most
stunning sunsets ever and both James and Robin
couldn’t stop oohing and aahhing over the pics…

Truth is if we had never stuck it out we simply would
not have enjoyed the amazing reward of a spectacular
sunset and this incident reminds me of the poem called
“Don’t Quit” that my GrandMa taught me many years ago

St Lucia Sunset Photographer
Don’t Quit

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