How To Get Perfect St Lucia Sunset Photos

St Lucia Sunset Photos
Stunning St Lucia Sunset

How To Get Perfect St Lucia Sunset Photos

…Nothing speaks of the Caribbean quite like a
sunset photo, especially when there are palm
trees silhouetted in the foreground.  How to get
Perfect St Lucia Sunset Photos can be a challenge
If you have struggled to get great sunset photos
this post with introduce you to some of the
techniques I use…

Measure The Light For Perfect Sunset Photos

This technique assumes that you have a digital camera
with Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed Priority and
Manual Mode.  However you can get it to work even
with a smart phone as long as you have access to
exposure control…

Start by pointing your camera at the scene
with it set to Aperture Priority at F16 and
ISO 100 or 200 if your camera doesn’t go to
100.  Note the Shutter Speed and determine if
you are happy with the exposure…

Adjust to taste, note the Shutter Speed, then
set your camera to Manual Mode and input the
Shutter Speed and Aperture readings you
previously noted.  Now you can shoot great
sunset pictures to your heart’s content…

However you must keep adjusting your Aperture
and/or your Shutter Speed as the light fades, to
ensure that your exposure remains correct…

The Picture above was created using this exact
technique, which is actually my favorite Sunset
Photo technique.  So I hope you enjoyed this
Spectacular Sunset Photo Tip and that you get
out and practice it…

And if any of this left you going – huh??? and
scratching your head a day out with us on the
Sunset Photo Tour will clear up the fog and
have you shooting great photos in no time flat!

Should you have some favorite sunset photo
techniques why not share them here so that we
can all share in the magic…

…And we look forward to you joining us on A Photo
Tour to help you sharpen your photography skills…

Till Then,

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