Cha’s St Lucia Photo Shoot

So today I thought I’d share a little behind the scenes insight into my approach to photography and to this really wonderful shoot I had with Charlene C.  But before going any further I must share a deep dark secret…

Yes I really must.

Young lady in yellow dress on the beach after dusk, illuminated by a magenta coloured light from the left and from the right
The Magic of Colour

You see – while I so often hear “Kirk I really love you photography” truth is I agonize over the images I create way more than you could ever imagine and this is even more so with people pictures.

For while I can visit a landscape location countless times and wait for the light to be just right, with people pictures every click of the shutter is an opportunity to get it wrong – and that is what I dread.

Hey most people are self conscious about their pictures, and opening up yourself to having your picture taken is to make yourself truly vulnerable as you trust your photographer to make you look spectacular when often times you are not quite sure what that spectacular should really look like.

So when Cha contacted me saying that she liked my work and would be home soon so let’s go do a shoot I was apprehensively excited about the possibilities and just how I would go about creating some real kick-ass pics for her.

Then her trip got postponed and it would be more than a year before her shoot would come off, which gave me extra time to explore some ideas as Cha wanted ruins, and water and some really fun energy to shine through in her shoot

Now for all my apprehension about people photography something interesting happens when I’m finally at a shoot.

As we warm into the shoot and the energy starts to flow a wonderful kind of magic takes over and this magic helps us create pictures that go way beyond who you are and speak instead to exactly who you choose to be in the moment that the camera shutter clicks.

And these are the moments I live for…

This picture epitomizes one of those moments and here I went a step beyond by adding color to the mix.

I’d love to here your thoughts on my play with colors and on your idea of your perfect photo shoot…

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