Photography Tips & Tricks – The Michael Angelo Theory

Photography Tips
The Pool at Sandals Grande St Lucia

A question I get asked all the time is “Kirk how do you
get such great pictures?” and if you have been asking
this question too well I’ve got the answer for you…

Great photography happens when the photographer is
in tune with his/her subject and is passionate about
the mission at hand.  And while knowing the theory is
great my best shots come from a much deeper place

I first start by asking myself what is the central theme
of the scene I’m photographing and what is the core
message I wish to convey.  I also imagine that my
viewer had never seen the scene.

This is one of the photography tips essential for great
photos, though much more than this is required.  At
this point I then make my most important move and
it’s an action that is counter intuitive…

I ask myself what are all of the items that I can see
through finder that detract from the final image – a
move I call “The Michael Angelo Theory.  Then I
proceed to remove every item that detracts from
my final image.

It could be a scrap of paper or a broken branch in the
frame.  Or it could be waiting for a cloud to pass by or
or waiting for a different time of day when the light is
just right…

But whatever it is I will not release my shutter until
everything is literally “picture perfect”.  And why The
Michael Angelo Theory you might ask?  Well think
about this…

The statue David started out as a block of marble,
however Michael Angelo saw David while others only
saw the block of stone and he then proceeded to
remove every bit of stone that hid David

So too with my photography I work to remove every
element that detracts from the perfect image and I’d
like to think that I continue to do a fairly decent job
of it.

So next time you’re shooting a picture try practicing the
Michael Angelo Theory.  You just may be surprised at
the outcome.

If you’re visiting St Lucia and love photography why not
join me on a St Lucia Photo Safari?  Not only will you
learn lots of other photography tips and tricks like this,
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See You Soon,

Kirk Elliott Sign

BadAss St Lucia Photographer

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