Who Is Kirk Elliott?

Kirk Elliott
Kirk Elliott

So I thought I’d change tracks a little bit today
and answer a question that you just might be
asking… So who exactly is Kirk Elliott and why
is he doing all of this anyway?

Truth be told Kirk Elliott is a dreamer…
However I dream awake


I’m a kid at heart who decided a long time ago that
while I couldn’t stop me getting older I certainly
could NEVER grow up – Oh, and I love to travel…

So put it all together and I’ve found that whenever
I’m abroad I’m doing the coolest things and
interacting with everyone and I quickly discovered
that my best experiences abroad occurred
because people looked out for me for no reason
other than – Just Because…

So in turn I started sharing My St Lucia with visitors
just like you.  This was on an old blog I had and I was
blown away by the way people responded to my
posts – particularly my series “A Picture A Day For
A Year”

So today with so much ability for us all to connect
– from ipads, to smart phones to facebook to
instagram to twitter and so much more, I just had
to jump back in…

Hey did I say that I decided NEVER to grow up?!

And here I am sharing the very best of my St Lucia
with you.  Some of which you’ll find in other visitor
guides but the rest you’ll simply find nowhere else

And if there’s anything that I have missed which
you would like to know just shoot me an email &
I’ll do my best to find out for you, as I truly believe
in Friends Helping Friends…

So – Have a question? – Just click the link below to
ask me now

Click Here To Ask Your Question Now

And tomorrow look out for another fun thing to do
down in Saint Lucia…

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Bad Ass St Lucia Photographer

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Kirk Elliott

Kirk Elliott is an award-winning St Lucia Photographer, Sustainable Tourism Advocate and National Geographic Certified Educator. Kirk is the Founder/CEO of the St Lucia Photo, ranked by TripAdvisor as one of the Top Outdoor Activities in Saint Lucia and one of the Top 5 Photo Tours in the Caribbean. Kirk is passionate about sharing Authentic Saint Lucia Culture, History and Cuisine for a unique perspective of this Caribbean Gem he calls home... Kirk@KirkElliott.com | https://StLuciaPhotoTours.com

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