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This St Lucia Weather in September overview is based on 12 years of data from the Saint Lucia Meteorological Office (2005 – 2016) as well as my personal observation of St Lucia’s weather. As a photographer I am acutely aware of the weather since 95% of my photography is produced outdoors. I have created a weather review like this for each month of the year and I hope that you find it an invaluable guide as you plan your Saint Lucia vacation and you ask that burning question: “What will the weather in St Lucia be like when I get down there???”

…and should you have any questions after reading this weather review simply shoot me an email by clicking the email link at the end of this article; or post a comment in the comments section below to let me know what you think, or to ask about anything else about St Lucia that you would really like to know…

Weather in September

With summer fast coming to an end a St Lucia getaway might be just the perfect thing for you. If that is the case you will likely want to know about St Lucia weather in September. Down here in St Lucia we only have a wet and a dry season. The wet season is from June to November, which is the same as the hurricane season. But no need to overly concern yourself about hurricanes as we are not as impacted by them as our more northerly Caribbean neighbors.
In this short weather article we will explore St Lucia high and low temperatures, rainfall and rain patterns, length of days as well as hours of sunshine … all important matters when planning a vacation.

St Lucia Weather in September - Beautiful Sunsets
Spectacular St Lucia Sunset

September features weather that is quite similar to St Lucia weather in August. This should come as no surprise when you consider that St Lucia only has a rainy season and a dry season. With both seasons lasting 6 months each it is easy to see the months tied together in 2 sets of 2 month periods for each season. Thus June and July, August and September and October and November can be expected to share many similarities.

St Lucia September Temperatures at Sea Level

Over the 12 year period September was on average the hottest month at 31.1° C / 88.0° F. Lowest average temperature was 25.1° C / 77° F. September also tends to be one of the more humid months which serves to make the place feel hotter. It is interesting to note as well that St Lucia weather in October also features similar high and low temperatures and quite often similar high humidity levels.

St Lucia September Sunshine

September hours of bright sunshine is lower than most other months and this could be due in part to the fact that September is the second wettest month of the year . Average hours of daily bright sunshine is 8.1 hours compared to 8.5 hours for most other months.

St Lucia Sunrise and Sunset Times in September 2016

Using 2016 as a sample year gives a feel for what you can expect in an average September. On September 1st the sun rose at 5:53 AM and set at 6:13 PM for a total of 12:20 hours between these two times. By September 30th sunrise was at 5:54 AM and sunset was at 5:52 PM for a total of 11:52 hours of daytime.
So we clearly note that the days are getting shorter due to the fact that the sun will be setting earlier as the days march on to the shortest day of the year around December 22nd.

St Lucia Weather in September
The Lushness of September in St Lucia

St Lucia September Rainfall

For the period 2005 – 2016 St Lucia experienced an average of 187.3 mm/7.4 inches of rain. St Lucia weather in October was the only month that had higher rainfall figures. While September is prone to some of the highest annual rainfall it is not sufficient rain to ruin a vacation. This is because the rains often come early in the mornings, usually before the sun rises, and by 9:00 AM the skies tend to clear up. Then during the course of the morning it is not unusual for a heavy shower to come pouring out of the skies and the same thing often happens after lunch. With the rain spread out like this you are able to get out and partake in all of the fun vacation activities you decide to enjoy.

Looking back at St Lucia weather in August we can see a clear pattern as the total rainfall for that month was lower than in September. In fact there has been a steady increase in average monthly rainfall starting from back in June when the rainy season began.

The result of all of this rain is that by September St Lucia is beautifully lush and green which makes for some striking landscape photography.

St Lucia Weather in September 10 Day Forecast

As always – be sure to stay on top of the weather by checking out the 10 Day St Lucia Weather Forecast a day or so before leaving for St Lucia and you will know exactly what to expect. However any way the wind blows expect to have a wonderful time down here!
So there you have it – St Lucia Weather in September…It’s the usual tropical blue skies, beautiful ocean water that beckons, lush green hillsides that almost seem unreal, all interspersed with both large and small rain showers that can seemingly come from no where, almost as if to remind you about how we happen to be so green.
Looking forward to seeing you soon as I’m sure you’ll enjoy it all – including our Liquid Sunshine!

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10 thoughts on “St Lucia Weather in September

  1. Hi Great weather advice we are coming in September for 14 days to sandals grande,
    I was wondering how the local people are dealing with covid 19 coming from U.K
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Tracey,

      Thank You for choosing Saint Lucia, and I’m delighted to hear that you found my review helpful! You can find official details for St Lucia and COVID-19 here:

      Locals remain concerned that visitors may be importing COVID with them. However with the CDC in the US announcing the safety surrounding vaccinated persons much is likely to change by the time you come over in September.

      Interestingly my St Lucia Photo Tours was recently approved as COVID Safety compliant and I have been exclusively offering Private St Lucia Experiences – from your airport to resort transfer to Private Photo Tours and so much more. I’m currently updating my website to reflect this and would be happy to share further insights with you.

      Just shoot me a whatsapp at 1.758.518.5800 or email me at and we can rock on from there.

  2. I would like to pass comment on the article regards weather in St Lucia.
    Very informative and concise and look forward to our 30th Anniversary trip in September 2019.

    Could I please have a costing for your photo day tour



    1. Hey Andrew,

      Glad you found the article of value. I know that I’m always concerned about the weather when I travel so I figured it must be the same for everyone else!

      You can find full details for the Photo Tour here ===>>> St Lucia Photo Tour where you can select either the Regular or the Private Photo Tour

      Looking forward to connecting when you are here…

    2. Hi
      Did you have a lovely holiday?
      We are planning on going next September 2020, what was the weather like when you were there? Was thinking of changing month to travel as friend said not to go in September!


  3. Hi is it safe to travel there as a single woman on a solo vacation. I plan to come for September 22 – October 1st for my Birthday hoping 10 days but as of now no flights longer than 7. Thank you
    Looking forward to celebrating my 46 bday in Saint Lucia.

    1. Hi Kellie

      And Happy New Year to you! Regarding safety in St Lucia let me invite you to
      view the most recent post I made on my Instagram page @KirkElliottPhotoWorld

      Not only will it give you a hearty chuckle, but also the answer to your question.

      While it’s important to keep your street smarts on wherever you are in the world
      I can assure you that St Lucia is not only a safe, but also an ideal vacation
      destination. And I can say so having visited 20 Caribbean islands to date, of
      which there are only 2 that I’d advise travelers to be really careful in.

      So here’s wishing you a BLAST later this year when you come celebrate your
      special day with us.

  4. Hi thanks for your really useful weather review for September. We arrive from the UK on 13th September for 2 weeks staying in St James Morgan Bay near Gros Inlet. I assume your rain pattern analysis for September is pretty much the same across the island or are there any regional differences?

    1. Hey Phil,

      First off – Nuff Thanks for choosing St Lucia! Regarding the weather – I’d like to take Hurricane Harvey that’s currently pummeling Texas as an example. Just about 10 days ago St Lucia was under a Tropical Storm warning for a weather disturbance that had just reached Tropical Storm Category. That of course was Tropical Storm Harvey.

      At that time the storm packed average winds of 45 miles per hour, which is generally speaking not property damaging force winds. Now while there are no guarantees as to what will transpire during your stay, statistically speaking you are likely to be just fine, and it is this statistical information I seek to convey in my weather posts.

      As for St James – that resort is on the north of the island where the rainfall is average compared to the rest of the island. So all things considered you should be enjoying a great St Lucia vacation in a few weeks, more than likely interspersed with some bouts of liquid sunshine!

      All makings for a wonderful holiday … I think 🙂


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