St Lucia Weather in August

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This St Lucia Weather in August overview is based on 12 years of data from the Saint Lucia Meteorological Office (2005 – 2016) as well as my personal observation of St Lucia’s weather. As a photographer I am acutely aware of the weather since 95% of my photography is produced outdoors. I have created a weather review like this for each month of the year and I hope that you find it an invaluable guide as you plan your Saint Lucia vacation and you ask that burning question: “What will the weather in St Lucia be like when I get down there???”

…and should you have any questions after reading this weather review simply shoot me an email by clicking the email link at the end of this article; or post a comment in the comments section below to let me know what you think, or to ask about anything else about St Lucia that you would really like to know…

St Lucia Weather in August

So you are planning a St Lucia vacation and one of your top concerns is: “What is St Lucia weather in August like?” In this St Lucia weather article I will give you the low down on all the important weather aspects you should be aware of.

It’s Hurricane Season But That’s No Reason To Be Alarmed

Hurricane season in the northern Atlantic is from June to November so August puts us right in the middle of it. However because of how far south St Lucia is hurricanes are not a major threat. So while there is a cause for concern there is no cause to be alarmed. Also Saint Lucia has a fairly robust system in place to deal with natural disasters in the form of the National Emergency Management Organization (N.E.M.O.). Generally in the event of a hurricane the airports are opened back up in 24 – 48 hours so you are not likely to be stranded indefinitely should disaster strike.

St Lucia August Temperatures at Sea Level

Now that we’ve dealt with that aspect of concern it’s time to turn to the regular August weather in St Lucia. Similar to St Lucia weather in July, August is another hot month.
Over this 12 year period August had the 2nd highest average temperature clocking in at 30.9°C / 87.6°F and an average low temperature of 25.3°C / 77.5°F. Depending on weather patterns in any given year August can be one of the humid months and should this be the case then it can actually feel hotter than the thermometer indicates. However this is a great opportunity to spend more time out on the ocean, or in the water and it won’t really matter.
And for any excursions you do getting out in an air-conditioned vehicle will help ensure that you are comfortable regardless of the humidity so bear this in mind. St Lucia weather in September also features a similar high humidity.

St Lucia August Sunshine

With August being right in the middle of summer you can expect longer days with the sun rising earlier and setting later. However earlier and later are truly relative as we do not experience bright daylight at 9:00 and 10:00 PM like you do up north. Over the data period at hand St Lucia enjoyed an average of 267 hours of bright sunshine in August or a little more than eight and a half hours per day on average.
Looking back at 2016 the sun rose at 5:49 AM and set at 6:31 PM for a total of 12:42 hours on August 1st and by August 31st it had changed to a 5:53 AM rise and a 6:14 PM set for a total of 12:21 hours span.

Night Time Comes Round Real Fast

This shortening of day length is consistent with the progression of summer down here and it is interesting to note that after the sun sets it gets dark very quickly, unlike more northern and southern places where there is a long twilight period. But once the night sets in it is time for all sorts of wonderful evening entertainment from dining around to evening time entertainment productions put on by your resort.

St Lucia August Rainfall

For the period under study August was the 4th wettest month of the year having experienced an average of 166 mm/6.5 inches of rain. This is slightly less rain than there was for St Lucia weather in July, however it is important to note that annual variations can be quite high. As an example 2015 saw a rather dry August with 70 mm/ 2.8 inches of rain while 2007 saw 288 mm / 11.3 inches or about four times as much.

St Lucia Foul Weather vs Fair Weather in August

Now while there is more rain in the rainy season, as is to be expected, it hardly ever rains for the entire day. Plus the rain down here is warm and thus enjoyable so rain is not likely to ruin your vacation.

St Lucia Weather in August - Foul Weather
St Lucia Weather in August – Foul Weather

Having said that, it is not unusual to find that one day is bleak and gray with lots of rain then the next day has beautiful sunshine, then the rains come down, then the day clears up again. However it takes more than a little rain to stop the party and excursions will still go out – plus somehow the drinks always seem to taste better whenever there’s rain!

St Lucia Weather in August - Fair Weather
St Lucia Weather in August – Fair Weather

St Lucia’s Tropical Lushness

St Lucia is a lush tropical island and at no time is this as evident as during the summer months. So it is important to note that without the rains there simply wouldn’t be all of this tropical beauty to enjoy. Like the August month, St Lucia weather in September can be expected to offer more of the same so if your vacation will overlap you now know what to expect throughout.

St Lucia Weather 10 Day Forecast

It is always a great idea to check out a 10 Day St Lucia Weather Forecast just before you travel so you have an idea of what to expect.
So there you have it – a look at St Lucia weather in August and exactly what you can expect. Now come on down and enjoy!

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  1. Excellent info and passionate thoughts and ideas I’ve been to st Lucia many times a good buddy of mine lives in Choisel Aldreck Mondesir do you happen to know him ? I’ve painted a lot on the island as I’m an artist hey is there a site you might suggest I post a few of my oil paintings for more fans of st Lucia to see ? I’d appreciate any thoughts you may have I’m planning to be back Down from Toronto for 6 weeks mid Feb 2020 hope to chat or meet you sometime which part of the island do you live on ? Best John

    1. Hey John, Many Thanks for your kind words and your outreach.

      Check out

      I haven’t used them, but a photographer friend out of NY
      recommended them to me.

      Don’t know Aldreck, well at least the name doesn’t’t ring a bell.

      I’ll be in Atlanta during Feb for about 3 weeks so I’ll be back while
      you are still here. Oh and I live on the north

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