St Lucia Weather in July

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This St Lucia Weather in July overview is based on 12 years of data from the Saint Lucia Meteorological Office (2005 – 2016) as well as my personal observation of St Lucia’s weather. As a photographer I am acutely aware of the weather since 95% of my photography is produced outdoors. I have created a weather review like this for each month of the year and I hope that you find it an invaluable guide as you plan your Saint Lucia vacation and you ask that burning question: “What will the weather in St Lucia be like when I get down there???”

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St Lucia Weather in July

St Lucia weather in July is Hot! Hot!! Hot!!! And it’s not from the heat, but rather because this is the month of Carnival – and what a show we put on…

Anyhow back to the weather, but only after sharing this carnival pic with you…

St Lucia Weather in July
July in St Lucia is Hot! Hot!! Hot!!!

St Lucia weather in July is gloriously hot and can be more humid than the weather earlier in the year. By July you are probably into summer. This is a time when children are out from school with road trips and staycations being quite popular as your weather at home is most likely very beautiful too. As a result of all of this Caribbean destinations tend to offer summertime rates and summertime deals. With this in mind you may find this a great time to visit so let us proceed with St Lucia weather news so you know exactly what to expect.

St Lucia Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is June to November so in July we are getting deeper into the hurricane period. However by and large this is still early for hurricanes and sometimes even the rains are not very prominent yet.

St Lucia July Temperatures at Sea Level

July temperatures are similar to St Lucia weather in June. Over the 12 year period 2005 to 2016 the average maximum temperature was 30.7° C / 87.3° F, which is identical to the average temperature for June during this period. This high temperature made July the third hottest month of the year along with both May which also had the identical temperature.
The average low temperature was 25.4° C / 77.7° F. This approximately 10° F temperature difference is consistent throughout the year. For vacations that extend beyond July you can expect St Lucia weather in August to proceed along the lines of what obtains in July.

St Lucia July Sunshine

The average July over the review period enjoyed 263 hours of bright sunshine or about 8.5 hours per day. This is not the period from sunrise to sunset but rather the time during the day when the sun is not blocked out by clouds. This duration of bright sunshine is consistent with the sunshine in adjacent months.

Sunrise & Sunset in July

On July 1st 2016 the sun rose at 5:40 AM and set at 6:34 PM for a total of 12:54 hours between these times. By July 31st the sun rose 8 minutes later at 5:48 AM and set 3 minutes earlier at 6:31 PM for a total of 12:43 hours between. These numbers are consistent with the longest day of the year being around June 21st and with the days shortening ever so slightly leading back towards December 22nd or thereabouts, which is the shortest day in the year.

St Lucia July Rainfall

Unlike St Lucia weather in June, July generally has more rain as now we are really getting into the rainy season. From 2005 to 2016 St Lucia experienced an average of 153 mm / 6 inches of rain. When considered over an entire month 6” of rainfall is not a very large amount, and thinking back to July 2016 the rain in July was never a threat to anything, not even to a vacation.

St Lucia Carnival in July

However July can be a month of anxiety for Saint Lucia as this is the time for St Lucia’s carnival and rain and carnival don’t work well together. Although by July we are more into the rainy season and concerns are always high, St Lucia’s carnival in July has hardly ever been disrupted by bad weather and rain. In fact Saint Lucia’s carnival was set for July in part because traditionally St Lucia weather in August generally has more rain than falls in July.

St Lucia July Weather Summary

By July the rains are starting to push in. Most years this is still too early for hurricanes and the weather is still wonderful for a vacation. It can also get a bit more humid than in the drier months and the humidity can make you feel like it is hotter than the thermometer indicates.

St Lucia July Weather Forecast

It’s a great idea to let your smartphone or tablet pick up St Lucia’s weather and this way you can know ahead exactly what to expect. So as you think of St Lucia weather in July remember that it’s a great month for a St Lucia getaway!

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