St Lucia Weather in March

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This St Lucia Weather in March overview is based on my personal observation of St Lucia’s weather as someone who lives on the island. As a photographer I am acutely aware of the weather since 95% of my photography is produced outdoors. In putting together this monthly series on St Lucia weather I contacted the Saint Lucia Meteorological Office and they provided me with 12 years of monthly data for the period 2005 – 2016.

I wanna believe that this is thus the most comprehensive year round weather overview series for St Lucia to be found anywhere on the internet and I hope it is an invaluable guide to that burning question of yours: “What will the weather in St Lucia be like when I get down there???”

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St Lucia Weather In March

If you plan to visit St Lucia in March I’m sure that high up on your list is that burning question about – what will the weather be like at this time. Depending on how far north or south of the equator you will be coming from things could still be pretty cold where you are and an escape to warmer climes is probably a most inviting thought right about now…
Well the good news is that the weather in March down here is delightful. The days are hot and dry with plenty of sunshine and most resorts are a bubbling hive of activity.

March Weather at a Glance

  • Lots of Sunshine make for Warm & Beautiful weather…
  • Cooling North East Trade Winds are generally blowing at this time of year…
  • 12 0r s0 hours of daylight…
  • Brief early morning and early afternoon showers are common…
  • Spectacular Sunsets are the norm so look out for the green flash…

St Lucia March Temperatures at Sea Level

While St Lucia weather in February features the coldest month of the year, in March things start to warm up with an average low temperature of 23.7° C / 74.7° F and a high of 29.4° C / 84.9° F.
For the twelve year period under consideration March had the second lowest average high temperature of the year as December was slightly warmer at 29.5° C
March also sees the North East Trade Winds picking up and this is a popular month for kite flying. With the brisk winds blowing this is also a great time for wind and kite surfing and the beach outside The Reef Restaurant down in Vieux Fort, near the Hewanorra International Airport is usually abuzz with kite surfers at this time of year. You will also find kite surfers on the northeastern Cas-en-bas Beach where the wind is also brisk enough for the sport.

St Lucia Weather in March
Kite Surfing at Cas-en-bas St Lucia

As would be expected, temperatures are rising in March and if we are to think forward to St Lucia weather in April, in case your vacation overlaps, it should come as no surprise that average temperatures are higher in that month.

St Lucia March Sunshine

St Lucia weather in February the two months have very similar total hours of bright sunshine with February having an average of about 9 hours per day compared to March’s 8.8 hours per day.

2016 saw the sun rising at 6:20 AM on March 1st and by March 31st it was rising at 6:00 AM, a full 20 minutes earlier. However there was only a three minute difference in sunsets between the first and the last of the month.

It is important to note that hours of bright sunshine are not the same as hours between sunrise and sunset as bright sunshine refers to the period during which the sun is not obstructed by clouds.

St Lucia March Rainfall

Average rainfall over the 12 year period used for this review shows March to be the 2nd driest month of the year with only February being drier. Getting into March the hillsides can take on a dingy forest green color compared to the vibrant greens that occur later on in the year when the rains have returned. Though March is a really dry month the video below shows that the rains will still come down, though not for very long…

During this time the water utility company often must ration water and you may be encouraged by your resort to exercise water conservation consciousness such as not requesting fresh sheets and towels on a daily basis. Beyond the dryness of this month you can expect a wonderful vacation experience with as many activities to partake in as at any other time of year.
However for many locals we are probably already thinking about St Lucia weather in April as the intensity and frequency of rain in that month gives a clear indication as to how long the dry spell is likely to last.

March Weather in General

March is truly a nice time to visit St Lucia. While places such as The US, Canada & the UK are warming up, they are still rather cold and a tropical getaway at this time can be perfect, especially when coming out of a bitter winter.
So all things being equal, St Lucia weather in March is the perfect antidote to the colder temperatures up north, and the video below shows you the kind of weather you are most likely to encounter in March

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