St Lucia Weather in April

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This St Lucia Weather in April overview is based on my personal observation of St Lucia’s weather as someone who lives on the island. As a photographer I am acutely aware of the weather since 95% of my photography is produced outdoors. In putting together this monthly series on St Lucia weather I contacted the Saint Lucia Meteorological Office and they provided me with 12 years of monthly data for the period 2005 – 2016.
I wanna believe that this is thus the most comprehensive year round weather overview series for St Lucia to be found anywhere on the internet and I hope it is an invaluable guide to that burning question of yours: “What will the Weather in St Lucia be like when I get down there???”

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April Weather

So you are planning your Caribbean getaway and you wish to know about St Lucia weather in April. In this article I will give you the the real deal on just what to expect. As an outdoor photographer living in St Lucia I am in tune with the weather in a way that is much more detailed than the average native you will meet. Plus I know that when I travel I’m always interested in what the weather will be like when I get there and I figured you must feel the same way too… So I reached out to the local Met Office and requested data for the top weather info visitors usually inquire about:

  • St Lucia Rainfall
  • St Lucia Temperature – both high and low
  • St Lucia Hours of sunshine

… and while there were a lot more stats available I figured that these cover sufficient to inform you and not too much to bore you.

April Weather at a Glance

  • Hot dry days with temperatures in the eighties…
  • The Trade Winds cool things down as they blow in from the north east.
  • Days are getting longer as we are well away from the short days of December…
  • Any rain at this time comes in short down pours, if they come at all …
  • Expect beautiful sunsets
St Lucia Weather in April
Expect Weather Like This in April

St Lucia Weather in April

By April we are into the heart of the dry season and it’s not uncommon to see parched hillsides. In fact in terms of the dryness April is reminiscent of St Lucia Weather in March with lots of sunshine and hot dry days. Fortunately though, with lower rainfall at this time the humidity is comparably low which contributes to it not being an unbearable heat.

St Lucia April Temperatures at Sea Level

During the period under consideration April had an average low temperature of 24.5° C/76.1° F and an average high of 30.0° C/86.0° F and thinking of St Lucia weather in May we can expect the temperature to rise higher still being as it is the last month of the dry season.
As with other months in the year there is about a 5° temperature difference between the highest and lowest mean temperatures in April.

St Lucia April Sunshine

Over the period under review St Lucia enjoyed an average of 272.6 hours of bright sunshine, which is near identical to St Lucia’s March Sunshine which came in at an average of 273 hours during the same period.

And again just like it was for St Lucia Weather in March, in April sunrise occurred about 15 minutes earlier by the end of the month compared to the time at which it occurred at the start of the month… 6:00AM on April 1st compared to 5:43 AM by April 30th. However, similar to the trend in March, there was only a 4 minute difference in the time the sun set on April 1st vs the time it set on April 30th, with the sun setting round about 6:15 PM

It is important to note that unlike more northerly and southerly countries which have much shorter winter days and shorter summer nights, total number of daylight hours in St Lucia vary by less than an hour thought the year. This is great news for you as a visitor as you never have to fear shorter days and longer nights EVER!

St Lucia April Rainfall

During the period under consideration average April rainfall was 78.2 mm / 3.1 inches. This is still a very low rainfall and it should come as no surprise that St Lucia is still quite dry in April. However this average rainfall data doesn’t tell the entire story when you consider that 2005 had a mere 23.6 mm, or less than an inch of rain! Clearly this was a year of drought.
In fact with the extreme weather and climate fluctuations the world has seen in recent years St Lucia has been experiencing its fair share of anomalous weather too. Quite often a very dry April is a prelude to St Lucia weather in May that can be even hotter and dryer than in April.
Despite this you are not likely to be affected beyond a bit of water rationing, especially now that a number of resorts have instituted water management protocols ranging from rain water harvesting in the rainy season to desalination of ocean water … making the pina coladas just as tasty in the dry season as they are in the wet!

St Lucia April Weather Overview

So when planning your vacation and you think of St Lucia weather in April expect beautiful blue skies with white fluffy clouds rather than gray rain-filled ones. The weather is gonna be hot and dry, the water will be turquoise blue and intensely inviting – and you are likely to have the time of your life!

St Lucia 10 Day Weather Forecast

And as always – just before you leave for St Lucia you can check out the 10 day weather forecast

St Lucia Weather Forecast on Your Mobile Phone

Just about every smartphone these days come with a preloaded weather app and today’s weather forecasting delivers remarkably accurate weather forecasts by the hour.

So you can look at your phone as you are leaving for St Lucia and get a feel for the weather that will greet you.

Alternatively you can download a variety of weather apps from the app store. All of this information will ensure that you don’t get any weather surprises – but how much of a surprise could you actually get with temperatures in the eighties down here whether or not it rains!

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