St Lucia Weather in November

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This St Lucia Weather in November overview is based on 12 years of data from the Saint Lucia Meteorological Office (2005 – 2016) as well as my personal observation of St Lucia’s weather. As a photographer I am acutely aware of the weather since 95% of my photography is produced outdoors. I have created a weather review like this for each month of the year and I hope that you find it an invaluable guide as you plan your Saint Lucia vacation and you ask that burning question: “What will the weather in St Lucia be like when I get down there???”

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St Lucia Weather in November

St Lucia weather in November is similar to the weather in the months immediately preceding it. November 30th marks the official end of the hurricane season and November month itself generally witnesses a marked increase in visitor arrivals as early snowbirds start making their southern trek. Because this is the final month of the hurricane season you are less likely to be impacted by a hurricane compared to the chance of this happening in earlier months.

November also marks the end of the rainy season which runs June to November. Some Novembers can be relatively dry as the rainy season comes to an end, while other Novembers can experience rain that seems more like in the middle of the rainy season. Regardless of which it is by November you are unlikely to have back to back days of rain.

Daytime temperatures throughout the year never vary by more than about 2 degrees, making November as wonderful a time to visit as other months.

Now that we have established that foul weather is unlikely to impact your St Lucia vacation let us drill down into more details.

St Lucia Weather in November
Vigie Beach is a Beautiful & Unspoilt Spot

The weather details that follow were obtained through the kind assistance of Saint Lucia’s Meteorology Office as they thought this was such an excellent initiative to share actual data with visitors like you so that you are accurately informed.

St Lucia November Temperatures at Sea Level

November had an average high temperature of 30.3°C/86.5°F over the 12 year period, and a low temperature of 24.5°C/76.1°F. This makes November the 4th hottest month of the year, however since St Lucia’s temperature changes by only about 3°C over the course of an entire year you can think of the island temperature a being nice!

St Lucia November Sunshine

During the period under consideration November experienced an average of 243 hours of bright sunshine, or an average of 8.1 hours per day. This amount is identical to St Lucia weather in October which comes as a bit of a surprise considering that November is the last month of the rainy season and we would therefore expect there to be less cloudy and overcast days than in the month before.

As we draw closer to December, which is the month with the shortest days of the year, the sun continues to set earlier than in the month before and we can also deduce that for St Lucia weather in December the sun will set even earlier than it does in November.

St Lucia Sunrise and Sunset in November … 2015 Figures

On November 1st the sun rose at 5:59 AM and set at 5:34 PM for a total of 11:35 hours of daytime. On November 30th it rose at 6:12 AM and set at 5:32 PM for a total of 11:20 daylight hours. These daylight hours are typical for November.

For many persons living in more northerly latitudes where it can be dark outside by 3:00 or 4:00 PM and where “winter depression” sets in because you can go without seeing the sun for months, watching the sun disappear into the ocean at 5:30 PM can be simply therapeutic and St Lucia provides the perfect escape that can help see you though those dreary winter months when you get back home.

St Lucia November Rainfall

November is the last month of the rainy season so it comes as no surprise that you can expect less rain than occurred for St Lucia weather in October. If your vacation overlaps into December you can also expect even less rain when considering St Lucia weather in December.

The average November rainfall for the years 2005 – 2015 was 179.3mm/7.1 inches. Although November marks the end of the rainy season this rainfall amount shows that there is still plenty of rain in this month. In fact it is not unusual to have a day or two during the month when it rains for the entire day. However most of the days of the average November will see the usual showers in the morning and often sometime again in the early afternoon.

Being at the end of the rainy season November is a time when the island is resplendent in green and a really great way to appreciate this is from one of the many water based excursions you can go out on.

St Lucia Weather 10 Day Forecast

For the most up to date weather reports and analyses it is a great idea for you to check out a 10 St Lucia day weather forecast as they are quite accurate.

So all things being equal St Lucia weather in November is not very different from the weather in the months preceding it and beyond a shower of rain here and there there’s nothing at all that can dampen the spirit of your St Lucia vacation.

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  1. Hi, we were thinking about a trip to St Lucia in Late Nov. (20th-26th). I was concerned about the amount of rain we may get while there. What are your thoughts ?

    1. Hi Toni,

      Sorry – looks like I have not been receiving message alerts so I’m only just seeing yours.

      Hope it ain’t too late. Our rainy season is June to November and this year it has not been super intense so you should be fine. And even when it rains it’s hardly ever for very long!

  2. Hi Kurt…..I was thinking of going to St. Lucia at the end of october/beginning of november. I was going to stay at a sandals… you have any advice. Thank you Sir

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