St Lucia Weather in January

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This St Lucia Weather in January overview is based on 12 years of data from the Saint Lucia Meteorological Office (2005 – 2016) as well as my personal observation of St Lucia’s weather. As a photographer I am acutely aware of the weather since 95% of my photography is produced outdoors. I have created a weather review like this for each month of the year and I hope that you find it an invaluable guide as you plan your Saint Lucia vacation and you ask that burning question: “What will the weather in St Lucia be like when I get down there???”

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St Lucia Weather in January

By the time January comes round you will be well into the thick of winter depending on where you live, and probably all you can dream about is your upcoming getaway to the tropical warmth and sunshine of St Lucia. Needless to say you will want to know what to expect of St Lucia weather in January. Unlike most other websites that just give you raw data I’m also gonna share my take on the weather down here in January.
St Lucia is a tropical Caribbean paradise that forms part of the Windward Islands. Unlike more northerly and southerly places that have four seasons St Lucia enjoys a wet and a dry season only. January is the second month of the dry season and at this time of year there is plenty of blazing sunshine and a low probability of rain. However being just into the second month of the dry season the hillsides are still bountifully and beautifully green.

St Lucia Weather in January
Lush Green St Lucia Hillsides with The Pitons in the Distance

St Lucia January Temperatures at Sea Level
St Lucia Meteorology Office records from 2005 – 2016 shows an average high temperature of 29° C / 84.2° F and an average low of 23.5° C / 74.3° F. Just like for St Lucia Weather in December January also features a 6° C / 10° F average daily temperature range with January being the month with the lowest high temperature of the year and the 2nd lowest low temperature of the year.
It is also instructive to note that there is a negligible high and low temperature difference between January and December.

St Lucia January Sunshine

January enjoyed an average of 265 hours of bright sunshine over the 12 year period under consideration with the sun rising at approximately 6:30 AM each day of and setting as early as 5:45 PM at the start of the month, while closing out the month setting at about 6:00 PM.
It is interesting to note that while the sun comes out around the same time each day in January, the sun keeps setting later as the month progresses. By the time January ends we are up to 11.5 hours of daylight and if we think of St Lucia weather in February we can imagine that the days are likely to be longer still.

St Lucia January Rainfall

Average rainfall over the 12 year period was 79 inches which is just over 2 inches per day. This is also about 20% less rainfall than occurred in December, which is a clear indication of being in the St Lucia dry season. With such little rainfall the great outdoors beckon as a number of days may go by with little to no rain at all, especially on the northern and southern extremes of the island.
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General Weather Overview

Coming out of St Lucia weather in December the rains of the rainy season are now gone and January tends to be beautiful sunshine and perfect beach and boating weather. If you like sport fishing this is a great time to get out on the water. Mahi mahi abound at this time and they are such wonderful fish to fight as they are super aggressive and put up quite a fight; not to mention the beautiful iridescent color changes they go through as they get agitated and jump and thrash through the water.

Check out the video below Courtesy: Cole Singley of Florida where they also catch plenty of Mahi-Mahi Mahi-Mahi.

And if this one’s not for you there are plenty of other local activities to chose from that will allow you to work up a tan to show off when you get back home.
If your St Lucia vacation extends into February you will be happy to know that St Lucia weather in February continues to be similar to the St Lucia weather in January, though this is probably no big surprise.

St Lucia 10 Day Weather Forecast

Because being in tune with the weather is so important when on vacation, check a St Lucia 10 Day Weather Forecast to get an idea of the weather you can expect during your stay.

A Word of Caution:

While these forecasts are generally spot on there is really no need to obsess about the weather as you will discover when you arrive that it’s simply impossible for rain to dampen your spirits because while it’s wet it is warm and can be fun to get out in.
Ignore the postings that speak about the percentage chance of rain as these tend to mislead you into believing that your day could be ruined due to rain when you see postings such as 80% chance of rain. Truth is the rains tend to come down for a minutes many mornings then blazing sunshine follows, and that could be it for the day. Or sometimes there can be a brief shower during the day or again early in the evening. But in the bigger scheme of your vacation these bouts will have no meaningful impact on your vacation.
So there you have it – All about St Lucia weather in January and just a few of the wonderful things you can do that will make your St Lucia vacation spectacularly grand.

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