St Lucia Tours

St Lucia Tours

Your vacation to St Lucia simply won’t be complete unless you experience some of the REAL St Lucia and one of the best ways to do so is by getting out on a St Lucia tour or two. This is especially true if you are staying at one of St Lucia’s many all inclusive resorts as it is quite easy to get lost in the world of having everything laid out before you and begging you to indulge as is the case at most all inclusives.

St Lucia is an island of very warm and friendly people and I’m not talking about the folks you’ll meet at your hotel as you expect them to be well versed in the business of hospitality and making your stay the best that it can be. Instead I’m talking about the average Joe St Lucian who you may meet on the street if you are in the city or down in one of the little villages you could end up in if you rent a jeep and head of exploring the island. This St Lucian is so genuinely warm and friendly that it is sometimes hard to believe. The type of guy who will help you back to the main road if you got lost and who would then make his way back to where you picked him up after seeing you safely on your way, without thinking for a moment of the inconvenience of having to get back to the point where he met you.

So regardless of where you are staying on the island, there are so many things to do in St Lucia, many of which can be arranged online long before you get here for the best deals possible. In fact it is best to plan your vacation itinerary long before you get to St Lucia and here are a few ideas for a few St Lucia Excursions:

  • A sea based excursion such as a catamaran sail to Soufriere
  • Driving down to Soufriere from Castries and stopping in at Marigot Bay, the rum distillery and Plas Kassav
  • Going out on a romantic sunset cruise
  • Kite Surfing at Cas en bas Beach on the north of the island or down near The Reef Restaurant if you are in Vieux Fort.
  • Again if you are in the south how about visiting the Mamiku Botanical Gardens, or Pigeon Island if you are staying up north.
  • And for a longer time out how about a daysail down in the Grenadines. The water down there is so clear and there are lots of little islands dotting the way as you go sailing by that you could easily think you are on some Pirates of the Caribbean movie set as it’s sometimes hard to believe that there is so much beauty in the natural world
  • Another really cool tour is a day out with a local Taxi Driver. Think of this as having your very own personal escort who will move at your pace and take you to a world that many visitors never see…and if you’re feeling really adventurous ask your taxi driver to take you to eat at his favourite eating spot, which could be a little place down on the beach, or a roadside shack, or Mama Sheila’s Soul Food Corner. And one such tour that lots of visitors are raving about is called Cosol Tours… But which ever private tour you head out on just prepare yourself for a treat.

So there you have it – just a few of the many things to do when you are in St Lucia … and remember there’s still a lot more beyond this but I’m sure you get the idea.

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