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Google things to do in St Lucia and Cosol Tours is likely to come up high on the list.  Cosol has made a name for himself in St Lucia by simply being himself! A day out with Cosol is like no other and you get the sense of this from the time you meet the guy.  Cosol specializes mostly in an excursion for cruise ship passengers and his tour usually starts with him personally meeting you when you disembark your cruise ship.

Your day out with Cosol is a high energy escape into the real life and times of good ole Lucian hospitality as he introduces you to bananas – from infant to adulthood, St Lucian folklore, a real St Lucian home cooked meal and a rum punch that is simply out of this world… Of all the things to do in St Lucia a trip with Cosol is well worth it and if it is a day when his brother, Larry Bird joins in the fun then you are in for a treat that you won’t soon forget.

Cosol tours will take you both by land and by sea and the tour packs in a concentration of some of the best sights and sounds and smells of St Lucia into a 5 – 6 hour exploration of the best of St Lucia.  Cosol who is St Lucian born and raised has always had a passion for sharing the best of his St Lucia with the rest of the world and today has developed this into one of the most sought after St Lucia tours.  You will go past quaint sleepy little fishing villages, come smack up against St Lucia’s majestic Pitons, get to take a dip in the mineral mud baths of the Sulphur Springs before getting a guided tour of the collapsed caldera with its acrid smell of rotten eggs as plumes of hydrogen sulphide steam is released into the air from the continuously venting Sulphur Springs.

If you are staying at a hotel Cosol has also created a version of his popular tour for you that allows you to take things in at a more leisurely pace.  You’ll be picked up at your hotel and treated to the same level of courteous Lucian hospitality Cosol style just like he delivers on his cruise ship tour.  Simply put a day out with Cosol Tours is unlike any other day spent in St Lucia and thus falls high on the list of things to do in St Lucia.

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