Things To Do In St Lucia

Things To Do In St Lucia
Things To Do In St Lucia

So you’re planning a vacation and thinking of things to do in St Lucia.  Well there’s no need to over think it as there are so many St Lucia Excursions for you to do down here during your vacation that Saint Lucia could quite easily be dubbed The Paradise of Soft Excursions.  If you are visiting St Lucia for the first time and you like to have your vacation all planned out long before you get here then this article is perfect for you as it will give you some great ideas about possible things to do in St Lucia.

Saint Lucia is lush green with rugged mountains and if you are staying on the north of the island then Pigeon island is a definite “Must Visit”!  This 40 acre St Lucia National Park boasts a history that spans over 500 years from the days when the Europeans first came to the Caribbean all the way to the 1940s when the island was of strategic significance during World War II.  Then there is the Rodney Bay Village right across the bay from Pigeon Island, with more restaurants than you could visit in a two week stay if you picked a different one to eat at each night.

Then there are the many St Lucia tours if you’d like something a bit more structured to do.  There are tours that will take you over land, like the zipline tour or an ATV excursion or Jeep Safari.  And if you really love photography and want to take yours to next level then you might want to sign up for a St Lucia Photo Safari.  Yes, there’s all of this and even more and we haven’t even considered the water based excursions as yet!

And speaking of photography if you are an avid photographer with a digital SLR and you want to create your best ever travel photography then you must check out my St Lucia Photo Tour where I’ll share my very best photography tips and tricks with you to help you take your photography to a whole new level.  But this article is about so much more than just my tour so read on about other things to do here in St Lucia and you’ll find references to the Photo Tour in other places on this site.  So let’s check out some other things for you to do when you get here.

You can jump on a boat and head off to Martinique for the day, or go whale and dolphin watching or deep sea fishing if you are up to a bit of adventure.  Then there is diving and one of the best on the island is Eastern Caribbean Divers operating right off the docks at Windjammer Landing.  And if any of these St Lucia excursions are too high energy for you but you still love the sea then a catamaran day sail to the drive in volcano and botanical gardens down in Soufriere may be the perfect trip for you.  Truth is when you think of St Lucia tours and things to do in St Lucia, as I’ve said before – you will be spoilt for choice.

Today more than ever when traveling abroad, especially on vacation, more and more visitors are saying that they want to discover the real people and things that are the heartbeat of the places they visit and I’m gonna guess that you feel the same way too.  I quite suspect that this has come about with the advent of vacation reviews on websites such as Trip Advisor and excursion sites such as Viator.  These days more and more businesses are listing their best offerings online and encouraging patrons to post reviews of their experiences as an authentic way for you to get an unbiased non-owner view point and it can be quite enlightening to attraction owners when they read the things that visitors have found most endearing about an excursion, a property or a resort.

So if you have come across helpful reviews then why not return the favour and write a review about one of your St Lucia tour experiences after vacationing with us.  Cosol tours is one such local tour that has gotten some really great reviews which have helped this tour to become an all time favourite of St Lucia vacationers in part through this word of mouth of these reviews coupled with the amazing hospitality delivered by the hosts and hostesses on this tour.  So for whatever it’s worth if you are planning a vacation and thinking of all the things to do in St Lucia rest assured that there is plenty that awaits you.

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