St Lucia Things To Do

St Lucia Things To Do

If you find yourself wondering about St Lucia things to do then let me assure you that there is plenty down here for you to do.  St Lucia remains one of the more exotic Caribbean destinations.

We are a little more challenging to get to but once you arrive you quickly discover that the extra effort you put into getting here is well worth it.  St Lucia has become well known for the variety of soft adventure in store for you, from dolphin and whale watching as those stunningly majestic creatures migrate, to horseback riding, photography excursions, hot volcanic mud baths spectacular sunset cruises where you just might catch a glimpse of the elusive green flash … and so much more.

Most fights arrive in the early afternoon, affording you an opportunity to admire the lush ruggedness of the island as you approach it flying in from the north as you head to the international airport on the southern tip of the island.  To enjoy this view be sure to request a window seat on the left hand side of the aircraft as the flight path to St Lucia generally follows a southern track that is on the western side of the Caribbean island chain.

And thinking back to St Lucia things to do, start by deciding what activities you enjoy the most then explore sites such as TripAdvisor to see what visitors before you have had to say about their experiences.

Alternatively you can post a comment here and I will be sure to give you my unbiased take on things.  Think of this site as your eyes and ears long before you get here and you’ll be in for your best vacation to date.

Of all the things to do in St Lucia I’d say however that no trip here is truly complete without a trip to Soufriere, especially approaching that town from the north.  You get to a point along the way where the twin peaks of the Pitons just loom out at you quite magically from nowhere and that very first view can be truly mesmerizing.

And while you are in Soufriere I recommend that you visit Chef Orlando’s restaurant that is simply called Orlando’s.

Chef Orlando is passionate about cooking, and even more passionate about cooking with locally grown St Lucian produce.  You will come away with a whole new attitude about island food.

Please note that I receive absolutely no compensation for promoting Chef Orlando.  I have had the pleasure of enjoying his cooking both at restaurants that he runs as well as at private functions where he is the chef and my every experience has been an amazing culinary delight.

Chef Orlando is genuinely passionate about great food and you can feel it the moment you meet him.

So if you are coming down to St Lucia just remember that when asking yourself about St Lucia things to do there is actually so much awaiting you…

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