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Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is one of four Windward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean.  Being further south than the more northerly islands such as Antigua and St Marteen, getting to St Lucia requires a bit more effort.  Additionally getting here can cost more than getting to the more northern islands.

Exotic Saint Lucia

But this very same challenge has caused St Lucia to be considered exotic and I’ve heard many travelers say St Lucia has been on their to do list for  very long time.  The island is popular with both the jet set as well as the bargain hunters happy to snap up an AirBnB deal.  The island is tropically lush with steep jagged mountains that render the terrain simply beautiful and you will be spoilt for outdoor activities considering all the excursions on offer

So if you are planning a trip to Saint Lucia you can expect a vacation to remember and one that will likely leave you wanting for more…

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St Lucia Freedom Fighters

Saint Lucia

Amazing Stories of St Lucia Freedom Fighters From Slavery Come Discover the fascinating story of St Lucia Freedom Fighters  and how this story compares to the Underground Railroad in the…

St Lucia Hotel & Tourism Association 2013 AGM

Saint Lucia

The St Lucia Hotel & Tourism Association (SLHTA) held its 49th Annual General Meeting this past Friday at the Royal St Lucian Hotel and it was most informative learning how…

St Lucia Things To Do

St Lucia Things To Do

Saint Lucia

If you find yourself wondering about St Lucia things to do then let me assure you that there is plenty down here for you to do.  St Lucia remains one…

Miami Vice

Saint Lucia

Miami Vice ~ St Lucia Style Step aside Don Johnson ’cause you simply aint got nothing on St Lucia dude! So I went out the other day on this slick…

Hello World!

Saint Lucia

Dear Reader, Hello and Greetings from Kirk Elliott down here in St Lucia.  Being my first blog post here I thought I’d take a moment to share with you what…

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