St Lucia Beaches

St Lucia Beaches
St Lucia Beaches – Windjammer Landing

St Lucia Beaches are probably one of the top thinks on your mind if you are planning a St Lucia vacation and chances are you’re wondering which are the best beaches in St Lucia.  Well today we’ll take some time to explore the St Lucia beach scene and in the process look at some of the best beaches of St Lucia.

Now while a Caribbean getaway generally brings to mind powdery white sand beaches this is not quite the case in St Lucia.  However this is no reason to strike St Lucia off your vacation list as there is so much more to see and do down here beyond the beach.  And seeing like how the island just won another Caribbean vacation accolade, this time as being “The Best Island in the Caribbean” it seems like the secret about St Lucia is out.

Beaches of St Lucia
$5 Beach St Lucia

There are some St Lucia beaches that are really easy to get to such as the really popular Reduit Beach and then there are the more remote ones like the rough and rugged $5 Beach on the island’s north east coast.  Rumour has it that the owner of the land leading to the beach was offered millions of dollars for the land and that he turned the money down, makes and sells charcoal to earn a living and supplements his income by charging a $5 fee for access to the beach which is down a long and winding road that must be traversed with a four wheel drive… Ah, welcome to Paradise!

Then there are some resorts that sit on beautiful stretches of crescent shaped beaches, like the Windjammer Landing or Cotton Bay Village on the rugged east coast.  Funny though as the best beaches in St Lucia can actually change from time to time depending on what’s happening at any given St Lucia beach resort at any particular time.  So just the other day the very best of all the St Lucia beaches was definitely at Coconut Bay when the New England Patriots cheerleaders were down here for the Patriot’s calendar photo shoot … and was that beach hot!

If you’ve been to St Lucia why not share your favourite St Lucia beach by posting a comment below.

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