Cotton Bay Village – Quite Possibly Paradise Found

Cotton Bay Village
The Beach AT Cotton Bay Village ~ St Lucia

I recently had lunch over at Cotton Bay Village and came away feeling relaxed, refreshed and invigorated all at the same time.

I had been talking to Jinette and Michael over at Cotton Bay after they attended a presentation I did for our local Hotel & Tourism Association on the power of Facebook to promote a tourism business.  Well one thing led to another and now I find myself spending quite a bit more time at Cotton Bay exploring possibilities for spreading the word about this hidden gem.  So today I’m gonna share my take on the place.

First off I remember as a kid coming out to this beach called Cas En Bas which sat down a rough and rugged road.  These trips usually came during the school summer holidays or when my church had its annual Thanksgiving picnic and this is where Cotton Bay Village is now located.

While the beach sits on a very rugged coastline with aggressive waves crashing in the distance, the inner bay is always quite calm and you can wade out in the water much further than you can on the much gentler and more popular beaches in the Rodney Bay area.

Even today this beach still remains less frequented than most others on the island even though a shinny new road has been cut that allows for smooth driving all the way to Cotton Bay.

Walking through this St Lucia Resort what struck me most was a feeling of being in a completely different place other than St Lucia.  The tiny cobbled streets with raised sidewalks in conjunction with the architecture that has a Spanish/Mediterranean feel to it coupled with the palm trees outside the villas combined to have a soothing effect on my senses.

Then from the end of the villas down to the restaurant which is set on the beach there’s a small mangrove enclave with its stilted roots rising clear out of the water below.

And then we reached the ocean.  Aggressive in the distance but gentle at the shore.  And all the while with a steady breeze blowing right across the restaurant.

Lunch was a wonderful affair which I’ll write about in another post, however I must confess that I spent way more than an hour as I just couldn’t seem to pull myself away from the mesmerizing serenity of the entire vista before me…

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