Why I Do What I Do

This Old House – St Lucia
This Old House – St Lucia

Today I’m gonna pause from my usual postings
to share with you why I do what I do…  You see
I’ve found that whenever I’ve been abroad I’ve
always enjoyed the best by walking the road less

I’ve also been amazed that I’ve come away with
my greatest insights to a new place by mingling
with the “salt of the earth” people of the place…
what we in St Lucia call “mamaiye la caye” or
“home people” when loosely translated into English

Now today more than ever travelers are demanding
so much more than just sun, sea and sand and most
everyone wants to discover the true essence of the
places they visit and want to know that they had a
positive economic impact on the people of the place

And should you the visitor discover that you had
a truly real and genuine  experience while abroad it’s
as if you’ve found a new home away from home and
made new friends for life…

I’m talking about the vacation experience that leaves
an indelible mark on you so that not only do you never
forget the place, but instead you always remember it
fondly and every time you think about that vacation a
quiet smile just lights up your face…

And this is is why I do what I do because having had
this experience almost everywhere I’ve traveled I just
want everyone who comes to St Lucia to have the same
great experience too and I hope that by sharing all these
little things about my world I’ll help to make St Lucia
unforgettably memorable for you too…

Take for example the picture above.  I drove past this old
house one day and thought to myself – “how stunningly
quaint.”  So I waited until the weather was absolutely
beautiful and made the 2 hour long drive back down to get
some pictures.

In the process I got told off by the neighbour next door
who wanted to know who had given me permission to
shoot those pictures and why was I even there anyhow.

So I thanked her for her concern and told her that it was
so great to see neighbours looking out even for abandoned
houses … and of course I continued shooting my pictures!

Well it wasn’t a long time later that Hurricane Tomas
ravaged St Lucia and took out this old house in the process

And am I happy that I braved the tongue lashing of that
caring neighbour to save for posterity the beauty of
this old house! … And this is why I do what I do…

Or take Sandra who contacted me about shooting her
wedding and how I went out and scouted various resorts
to help her find the perfect place for not just her, but her
entire wedding party…  And this is why I do what I do…

So if you’re planning a Caribbean Vacation and St Lucia is
high up on your list I’d love to have you come hang with me
as I introduce you to the best of St Lucia along the road that
is far less traveled…

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One thought on “Why I Do What I Do

  1. Kirk,

    Delightful is how I’d describe the subject in your photo. I can’t help notice how this ‘ole house in all its splendor, touches the earth gently; something that is so reminiscent of the manner in which our Aboriginal and Amerindian ancestors respected the environment which sustained them.

    Thanks for sharing Kirk.


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