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St Lucia Wedding
St Lucia Wedding Extravaganza

Now let me start by saying that this “thing to do in St Lucia”
won’t be for everyone… however having won the World
Travel Award for Best Wedding & Best Honeymoon
destination more times than any place else you can see why
St Lucia Weddings make this Top 10 list…

Today more than ever many couples are choosing a destination
wedding over the traditional stay at home wedding and
St Lucia has recently sort to up its game as the top wedding
destination abroad.

With a destination wedding not only do you save as your guest
list is way smaller than if you married at home, but you’re also
already abroad on honeymoon.

One of the things that makes St Lucia so ideal is the fact that
there’s lots of soft adventure for newly weds to enjoy …
And somehow in St Lucia love just seems to bubble through
the air as so many seem to think of us as the land of sun, sand
and romance!

One of the great things about St Lucia weddings is the fact that
today you can get so many of the things you may believe you
could only get at home.  Things such as stunning floral displays,
amazing wedding cakes and first rate photography you thought
you could only get back home.

Talking about photography I ought to know as I’ve been
shooting destination weddings since 1991 and to date have
over 6000 weddings to my credit! … And the common
surprise brides have is the quality and extent of wedding
photography to be had down here…

From $500 photo packages to $5000 and more affairs,
complete with Coffee Table Heirloom Albums, online
image hosting so that everyone back home can share
your joy, printing from US based custom wedding photo
finishers and so much more…

But don’t just take my word for it… check out what
happy brides are saying and if you’re getting married
soon then be sure to call me up so that we can create
some St Lucia Wedding Photography magic for you

So if a St Lucia wedding beckons you then be sure to
schedule a FREE Destination Wedding Photography
consultation to discover what we can do for you…

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