St Lucia Wedding Symposium

St Lucia wedding Symposium

Recognized as the Weddings & Honeymoons capital of the world St Lucia has won this accolade 10 out of the 19 times the award has been up for grabs.

And this year St Lucia went a step further by hosting its first ever St Lucia Wedding Symposium and I was there to take in the various activities.

The St Lucia Tourist Board deserves massive praise for this initiative which is not only timely and strategic, but also holds great potential to help St Lucia weather the current economic storm as excited brides show no signs of backing down from having the wedding of their dreams which makes weddings and honeymoons more immune to the recession than most other events.

The great take away for me was about delivering greater value to brides and honeymooners and this is possible by engaging with brides at a core emotional level to bring them back lasting memories of this most important day of their lives.

In fact I was so moved by some of the presentations made that I have re-branded my business tagline to be Friends For Life and from henceforth my photography will be known as:

Kirk Elliott Photography
Friends For Life

Friends For Life is my commitment to a bride that by choosing my photography we will become friends for life.

This is a very deep proposition as being a friend for life is about so much more than just showing up and shooting some pictures on her wedding day.  It means that I have to deliver photography that makes her know that I truly care for both her and her wedding over and above everything else because this is simply what friends do for friends.

Then as friends there’s the knowledge that we’re gonna meet up again sometime soon.  This could be on anniversaries that she returns to spend in St Lucia or it could be returning to St Lucia with her kids because this is where it all began…And Kirk will be there to welcome her back

When you think about it this approach is very powerful as it gives a bride the assurance that we’re in this for so much more than the money and that is a very comforting truth for a bride and groom to know.

Now we’ve all heard the adage that a repeat customer is worth far more than a new customer as the repeat customer is already sold.  Well so too it’s gonna be with my brides as they become dear friends who visit from time to time and who then become Saint Lucia’s best goodwill ambassadors…

Talk about giving new meaning to BFF!

…And don’t feel too bad if you didn’t know that this means Best Friend Forever as I only recently discovered the meaning too!!

So you can see why the St Lucia Wedding Symposium was such an amazing event for me…

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