St Lucia Sunset Cruise

St Lucia Sunset Cruise
St Lucia Sunset Cruise

If you only had 2 hours and could only do one
S Lucia excursion – without skipping a beat I’d
say do a St Lucia Sunset Cruise

The sunset cruise in St Lucia can best be discribed
as one helluva party ram-jammed into a two hour
time capsule bobbing on the gentle Caribbean Sea
with music blaring, drinks flowing and people
swaying and gyrating to the rhythms of sweet
calypso music…

A St Lucia Sunset Cruise usually departs Rodney Bay
or a the Castries harbour around 5:00 PM and head
off at a leisurely pace along the coastline.  The cruise
starts of f with gentle music allowing you plenty of time
interact with friends or to snuggle close together
Then as the sun begins to set you’ll be in for a treat
most times as you can pose for photos with a
picture perfect sunset behind you.

And remember to look out for the Green Flash – that
elusive green glow that magically appears, bun only
for a fleeting second as the sun drops below the

Wanna be sure to see the Green Flash? – Well I’ve
heard that the more you drink the better it looks…
but be sure not to over do it…

Seriously though – you need  a really clear day with
no cloud on the horizon where the sun drops off.
However be sure to time your blinking as you can
miss it especially if you keep staring at the horizon

The trick is to time the sun as it sets and look intently
during the last few moments before it sinks below the
horizon.  And I know that it is real, having seen it a
few times myself.
And after the sunset the real party begins.  Expect your
captain to raise the tempo of the music, turn up the
volume and invite everyone to come party.  You could
be in a congo line one minute then have a deck hand
teaching you to dance the calypso the next

And by now the spirit of St Lucia will most likely be
free flowing in a brew called “Jungle Juice”!  Why
Jungle Juice you ask? – Well it’s been said that after
your 1st glass expect to be swinging like Tarzan and Jane!

And by the time you return to port you’ll be ready
for whatever the night has in store for you…
Ah – the magic of the islands, especially after
a Booze Cruise Party…

And when you get back home be sure to return to this
post to tell us about your St Lucia Sunset Cruise Party

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