St Lucia Shore Excursions

St Lucia Shore Excursions
Coming To St Lucia On A Cruise

St Lucia shore excursions are ideal for discovering some of St Lucia if you are coming here on a cruise.  Most cruise ships dock in Port Castries and on a busy cruise ship day you will often find three or four ships inside the port and another two to three outside the harbour.  So you can imagine the number of people vying for various St Lucia tours.

For this reason St Lucia cruise excursions are best booked well before you arrive if you wish to avoid the disappointment of missing out on a tour that you really wanted to do.  You can book either through your cruise ship or by contacting any of the tour operators directly through their websites.  It’s also a great idea to check out the cruise forums such as Cruise Critic as well as Trip Advisor for the best and most up to date information.

Rodney bay and Pigeon Island are popular places to visit on the north of Saint Lucia while Marigot Bay and Soufriere are popular places to visit heading south.

Now if you are a photo enthusiast and you have a digital SLR the the St Lucia Photo Tour is the perfect one for you.  Rather than spending hours driving to a location and back we start right in Port Castries literally as you get off your cruise ship.  Other St Lucia cruise tours include a trip to the rum distillery or up to a quaint little family operation called Lushan Country Life.

Whether you choose to go out on one of the many St Lucia shore excursions available to you or you decide to just stay and chill at the cruise ship dock your time spent in Saint Lucia is sure to be memorable.  And who knows – maybe the “I Love Saint Lucia” will bite you and then the only cure will be for you to return for a longer stay!

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