St Lucia Photo Tour with Pepper Mintz

St Lucia Photo Tour
The Marigot Bay leg of The St Lucia Photo Tour

So I did a St Lucia Photo Tour with Pepper Mintz
…Yeah that’s her name!  And it had to be one of
my best St Lucia Photo Safaris to date.  I’d just
returned from Trinidad and another couple was
suppose to join us but that didn’t work out…

So here I was for the first time ever with just one
person coming out on this trip with me… And
what a trip we had!  As usual we started at the
top of the Castries Car Park…

We dug deep into composition, vertical vs
horizontal shots, shooting in the rain with an
umbrella, effective use of a polarizing filter
…and so much more

By the time we got down to the Castries Market
Pepper was on a roll and the market vendors
were exceedingly accommodating as they
posed with fish that had been brought in fresh
from the sea…

Because it had rained a lot the day before the
ground at our next stop was a real mud pool
but that didn’t stop Pepper from getting her
shots as we slide down a gently sloping garden
seeking the perfect spots for the best compositions

And afterwards Pepper enjoyed St Lucian hospitality
at its best as a handyman materialized from nowhere
and took Pepper’s muddy feet in his hands to scrub
off the mud she encountered in the garden.

This was kinda funny as a little while before Pepper had
asked if the staff at her resort were trained to be as
warm and friendly as they always were and I hoped that
she wouldn’t think I was fibbing when I said that most
St Lucians were naturally that way…

Then the handyman came along and by his actions
proved that I wasn’t making this up!

Down in Marigot Bay Pepper’s grasp of all the professional
photographer tips and tricks I shared with her really shone
through as without me saying a word she found the best
spot and the best angle from which to shoot!

And because the photo safari was early in Pepper’s vacation
she had lots of time to experiment with all of her new found
photo knowledge when she visits places like The Pitons
and the Botanical Gardens in Soufriere

So if you love to get great pictures of the places you visit
and you’re gonna be in St Lucia any time soon why not
join me on a St Lucia Photo Tour

…It will take your photography to a whole new level

See you soon

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BadAss St Lucia Photographer

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    1. Look out for an email from me about a week before you leave
      for St Lucia, then the day after you arrive I will call you
      at your hotel to confirm your pick up time…

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