St Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival

St Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival
St Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival

Just over 20 years ago St Lucia wanted an event
that would attract visitors just as our winter
tourist season was coming to an end.  The event
needed to draw in massive crowds as a last hurray
before the dreaded lean months before summer

And so was born the St Lucia Jazz Festival.  Back
then I ran the Rodney Bay Ferry, which was one of
my first forays into business, right alongside my
destination wedding photography

Back then I’d pick up patrons staying at Rodney Bay
Hotels right off the beach in Rodney Bay and sail
them across the bay over to Pigeon Island in a 15
minute trip compared to the often hour long trek
by taxi due to the road congestion

And now some twenty plus years later the St Lucia
Jazz Festival is still going strong, having recently
been re-branded the St Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival
to celebrate St Lucia’s new thrust at promoting the
island’s art and artisians

Notwithstanding this St Lucia Jazz continues to be a
huge island attraction as the picture above clearly
shows.  So if you plan to vacation anywhere around
April going into May I’d like to invite you to come
experience the St Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival…

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