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St Lucia Fishing Tournament Bimini Start
St Lucia Fishing Tournament Bimini Start

Okay so yesterday I talked about how I got into
aerial photography and posted a pic from a
Sandals shoot even though I spoke about my
St Lucia Game Fishing photography start…

So I went digging and pulled up a picture from
one of those shoots.  In the pic above you see
Pigeon Island off to your far right with all the
boats running at top speed inside Rodney Bay

The fishermen look forward to this Bimini Start
and it sets the tone for the day as by the time
we’re done chasing boats with the chopper
everyone has a story to tell as their fishing begins

And by the time the boats come back in at the end
of the day I’d have pictures up on display and
everyone loves to see themselves and their boats
from this vantage point.

And down below I’ve thrown in another picture –
this time of a close up where I’ve zoomed in on
just one boat.  Check out the power of the machine
as it leaves a massive wake in it’s trail…

Ah – Just another glorious day in Paradise!

St Lucia Game Fishing Tournament
Close Up Of Speeding Sports Fisherman

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