St Lucia Carnival

St Lucia Carnival
St Lucia Carnival

“With a woman in front and one behind…”
is a classic way of thinking of carnival and for
St Lucia Carnival there’s no exception as is evident
from the pic above…

Carnival in St Lucia culminates somewhere around
mid July… well I should really say the parade of the
bands occurs at this time as there is about a month
long build up to the actual parade

This build up usually consists of calypso competitions
with signers – called calypsonians, vying for titles such
as Calypso Monarch, Groovy Soca King or Queen, Power
Soca Monarch.

Then there’s the Road March winner  which is the won
by the song that’s played the most in front of the judges
during the parade of the bands

Then there is the Queen Show which also precedes the
parade of the bands and this is a competition of talent,
beauty, knowledge along with some other criteria.

But the big days are Carnival Monday and Tuesday
when the costumed bands parade as they vie for the
main prize of band of the year.  The parade of the bands
culminates in the Castries City Center and is well worth
a visit if you will be here in the middle of July…

Who know … maybe you’ll see me there as I often come
down to get pictures of the revelers doing their thing…
And if you do, be sure to give me a shout out!

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