St Lucia Airport Transfers

St Lucia Airport Transfers From The Airport When You Arrive

St Lucia Airport Transfers
St Lucia Airport Transfers

When considering St Lucia Airport Transfers St Lucia Helicopters is always a very cool option.  It eliminates what can be a 90 minute drive along twisting roads, replacing it instead with a 20 minute spectacularly scenic flight right across St Lucia’s rainforest.

As of this writing St Lucia Helicopters is the only commercial helicopter service on St Lucia and as a result they are always in demand with their  airport transfers being their most popular service.  The St Lucia Helicopter team also offer sight seeing tours and they are also on call for aerial photography when a drone simply won’t cut it.

While most St Lucia Airport Transfers are between the Hewanorra International Airport on the southern end of the island up to the north of the island where most hotels are, there is a helipad at Anse Chastanet/Jade Mountain allowing for chopper transfers to that resort.

While riding the St Lucia Helicopter both when you arrive as well as when you depart St Lucia, if you must pick one way only my recommendation would be for you to take the ride when you are leaving St Lucia.  This way your parting memories of the island will be truly from lofty heights and the views and vistas you’ll enjoy en route to the big airport are a great parting shot of the island.

Take Your Camera With You On The Chopper

When taking the chopper remember to have your camera handy for some really cool island shots from a totally unique vantage point.  Ideally you should have a camera with a zoom lens, rather than just your phone.  This way you can zoom in and out without fear of loosing image quality.

Pictures above is a shot of St Lucia Helicopters from a recent shoot we did for their website and brochures.  This was a real fun shoot as we took off with two helicopters so I could fly in one and shoot pictures of the other from a relatively close distance.  This picture gives you a feel for the views you can expect.  However you’ll be flying much higher than this as I always request special permission to fly below 500 feet as this just makes the photography pop!

Aerial Photography For Those Who Love Adventure

If you are into photography why not join us for an Aerial Photography Photo Tour.  We will first do some theory on how to get your best chopper shots.  Then we’ll head out to the helipad and set off for scenic St Lucia Photography like you wouldn’t imagine.  This photo tour is quite an adrenaline rush starting with the fact that we fly with the chopper doors removed so that nothing comes between you and your photos.  So you can expect to return with pictures of a lifetime.

Try A St Lucia Photo Tour

And if you love photography but the Aerial Photo Tour is too much of an adrenaline rush for you why not join us for a regular St Lucia Photo Tour where we remain firmly planted on the ground.  Just about everyone whose done the tour has raved about it and you can expect to come away with a whole new understanding of your digital camera and all that it can do.

So there you have it – a feel for St Lucia Airport Transfers as well as some really cool photography if you own one of those fancy digital cameras and you wanna rock some really cool St Lucia Photos

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