Saint Lucia Wedding At Jade Mountain

Pam & Kevin’s Saint Lucia Wedding
Pam & Kevin’s Saint Lucia Wedding

So I recently shot my coolest Saint Lucia wedding in
recent times…

And what would make this wedding So Cool? – I can
hear you ask.  Well first to begin with by my second
wedding consultation with Pam – the bride, she informed
me that she too – just like my wife – was a Diva!

And so began my preparation for Pam & Kevin’s Saint Lucia
Wedding over at Jade Mountain.  Pam knew exactly what
she wanted and together we worked to make it all happen.

By the time she and Kevin arrived in St Lucia and I picked
them up at the airport it was like coming to meet family…

Truth is this is exactly how I like my weddings to be.  By
planning with the bride and groom as much as 6 months
ahead of the big day an easy comfortableness develops and
this allows the couple to truly let their hair down their
wedding day!

This in turn allows me to capture wedding images that are
not only soft and tender but also truly timeless…

Check out the short video below to see what I mean then
leave me a comment in the comments section as I’d love to
hear what you think…

Wanna see more of my St Lucia wedding style? … Then check out
this site that is 100% dedicated to Destination Wedding brides who
expect nothing less than the very best:

St Lucia StoryBook Weddings

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