The Pitons of St Lucia

The Pitons of St Lucia
The Pitons of St Lucia

No trip to St Lucia is complete without a visit to
The Pitons.  These twin peaks that loom out of
the sea like the bosom of a Greek Goddess can
leave you as stunned as if they were…

The Pitons are in Soufriere which is often referred
to as the visitor capital of Saint Lucia.  In fact this is
the same Soufriere that is home to the Volcano Mud
Baths that we visited yesterday…


However why jump on a St Lucia Party Cruise with one
of the many catamarans that will take you to Soufriere
by sea and experience the St Lucia’s majestic Pitons
from the ocean-side approach…

The view is stunningly breathtaking, especially wheny
you come round that last outcrop of land before
entering the Soufriere Bay and then suddenly there
they are looming before you – Twin peaks of sheer beauty

And should you get to see the Pitons by land instead of by
sea, one of my favourite, and less frequented views is from
the restaurant at La Haut, a small property about 2 miles
above the Soufriere town

However any which way you view them the Pitons are quite
simply awe inspiring!

Be sure to take lots of pictures…

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