Pigeon Island St Lucia

Pigeon Island
Pigeon Island – St Lucia

Pigeon Island St Lucia is becoming quite the beach spot for locals as well as visitors.  Once upon a time the entire Pigeon Island Causeway was pristine virgin land with not a trace of construction to be seen.  Sadly today all of that has changed and all that’s left if a tiny bit of beach front between a Sandals to the left and Pigeon Island itself to the right when facing Rodney Bay.

But the St Lucia government seems to have got it right as evidenced by the recent erection of some vendors’ huts designed in a charming Caribbean style.  In fact this tiny strip of beach has become quite a popular place for chilling and the beach is lined with beach chairs and colourful umbrellas just about every day of the week now.

Best of all the food and drink on offer is very reasonably priced and it seems like the locals who are clued in on this new hang out spot are already frequenting it at lunch time. And with public restroom facilities right on hand this Pigeon Island St Lucia retreat could easily be just the place to spend the entire day if you want to take things at a real leisurely pace.

The best way to get to Pigeon Island is to rent a car or take a taxi.  Now I must tell you that the sea at Pigeon Island is quite interesting.  On the northern side of the causeway the water is quite energetic and when the wind and currents are just right the water is lively enough for surfers to come calling with their surfboards in hand to ride a wave or two.  On the southern side of the causeway the water, in contrast, is usually flat as a sheet of glass and is the perfect place to go water skiing while the surfers work to conquer the waves on the other side.

But whatever your fancy St Lucia’s Pigeon Island down on the causeway is fast becoming one of the very best places to be when you’re down in St Lucia

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