Can You Help Me Build The Perfect Photo Lounge?

St. Lucia Alumni Photo Lounge

Photo Lounge

After meaning to invite everyone who has done the
St Lucia Photo Tour to a place online where we can
all meet up and you can continue to learn and share
and discover photography I have finally sent out all
of the invitations…

And I have been blown away, not only by how quickly
you responded, but also by just how many alumnis
responded too.

I’ve received quite a number of greetings, well wishes
and thanks for doing this. And I received a few inquiries

“Kirk so where EXACTLY is this Photo Lounge
where’s the link for me to enter?”

Truth is the Photo Lounge has not been created yet and
in my excitement to get the ball rolling I absolutely
forgot to mention this – which makes me feel kinda silly
– like trying to take a picture with the lens cap on, or no
memory card in the camera – or both! … Duh Kirk!!

But anyhow there’s a really good reason why the Photo
Lounge is not yet up and running. You see while I have
quite a few ideas about how exactly it should be I want
to make absolutely sure that the St Lucia Alumni Photo
Lounge becomes the very best place on the internet for
your photography.

And it is for this reason that I haven’t built the lounge yet
because I want to get your input before taking another
step. So for now I’d like you to think about:

  • What exactly would you like this lounge to be?
  • What more would you like to learn about photography?
  • How often would you like me to interact with the entire lounge?
  • Would you like to see photo challenges posted
  • …And anything else that you think will make this lounge the coolest
    hangout spot online.

So for now just have a think about these things and look out for
some more emails from me in which together we will build a special
online oasis reminiscent of the wonderful time you enjoyed down in
St Lucia

Once again Thank You for subscribing to the Photo Lounge and stay
tuned for the more that is coming your way real soon…

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Bad Ass St Lucia Photographer

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Kirk Elliott

Kirk Elliott is an award-winning St Lucia Photographer, Sustainable Tourism Advocate and National Geographic Certified Educator. Kirk is the Founder/CEO of the St Lucia Photo, ranked by TripAdvisor as one of the Top Outdoor Activities in Saint Lucia and one of the Top 5 Photo Tours in the Caribbean. Kirk is passionate about sharing Authentic Saint Lucia Culture, History and Cuisine for a unique perspective of this Caribbean Gem he calls home... |

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6 thoughts on “Can You Help Me Build The Perfect Photo Lounge?

  1. I am so glad you are going forward with the lounge. Like everybody here, they have their own special nitch in photography. I love photographing water drops. This winter I plan on photographing snow flakes. Living here in Buffalo will produce MORE than enough of them . LOL . I am always up for new ideas and if I can help someone further their experiences in photography, well that would be just too cool. Oh. By the way . HI KIRK. Words can’t express the experience Crystal and I had in your neck of the woods. Not only photography but Meeting the locals and the local foods were just fantastic. If I was to come down there again I would have to spend at least a month venturing around the exotic island of ST Lucia.(Of course with you Kirk)By the way Kirk. If you ever get to my neck of the woods, Make sure you stop in and say hello. I will put you up in my home, show you around my area and taste my local cuisine. In the summer of course. Keep me informed ok
    Crystal & Greg =)

    1. Hey Greg and Crystal your really kind words just warm my heart and I look forward to us meeting up again.

      Gosh next time we just might have a full 24 hours of photography!!!

  2. Hey Kirk,

    Sorry for taking so long to respond! Being back in reality really bites! haha

    I’d like the lounge to be a place where we can post pictures and hear everyone’s thoughts on them. For example, I sometimes find that my shot will be so close to being what I’m looking for, but it seems like maybe one thing is missing and I can’t put my finger on it. Different people have different ways of thinking so it could help to hear other’s (yours too!)perspective.

    There is a too much to list about what I’d like to learn but I see it being a constant journey and maybe in the lounge, someone posts something they are working on and it inspires us to try it out. I’d really love to get into Macro photography.

    I’d like you to interact with the lounge as much or as often as you want to. I know you talked about getting back into weddings, so I know you’ll be busy however whenever you were free or felt like posting I know I’d appreciate it and while I can’t speak for the group I’m sure everyone would.

    I wouldn’t like photo challenges to be posted, I’d LOVE photo challenges to be posted.

    As for a format, I personally like forums, but I’m open to anything really.

    1. Hey Joe,

      Love your thoughts…and fear not as I’m working hard
      to structure my time so that I’m never missing in
      action for too long!

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