Petroglyphs of St Lucia

… We had to go via the circuitous route to
avoid a land owner who rumour has it is rather

After trekking through the bush, scaling walls
and risking falling of cliff edges to what would
have been broken limbs at best and certain
death at worst, we arrived at our destination.

…and what amazing sites we were rewarded with!
It was like going back in time and connecting with
the Ancestors as we encountered rock carvings from
what might be thousands of years ago!

So you know I had to share highlights from the day

One Love, Kirk




4 thoughts on “Petroglyphs of St Lucia

  1. Correctly nterpeting our petroglyphs and hieroglyphs is key to their significance. What message is being told or lesson tought? Why do we need to know and what are the implicastions, if any, of ignoring them?

  2. This is an amazing discovery…..
    Good job to everyone on this venture…..keep up the good work.

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