My Week In Trinidad

Vere's Vegetarian Delights
Vere’s Vegetarian Delights

I’ve just returned from an amazing week down in
Trinidad helping my mother-in-law promote her
new vegetarian cookbook.  My involvement in
this cookbook started about two years ago when
I flew down to Trinidad to shoot her pictures

And now that the book is published I flew down
once again to help her spread the word.  This was
such a fun trip and the fact that we accomplished
so much in such little time makes this story even

You see in St Lucia I know my way around, know
half the people here and the other half probably
know who I am because I’m always on the radio or
TV promoting one worthy cause or another…
But in Trinidad no one knows me and to make matters
worse while St Lucia’s population is 170K Trinidad’s
1.3M! However you didn’t really think that this would
phase me – Hell No it didn’t…

So I checked in with a Trini friend living  in St Lucia,
got a few media contacts, called them up saying that
I’d be in Trinidad for a week with a story that simply
needed to be told … and I winged it from there

Well I have never met as accommodating a set of
people as those in Trinidad.  Not only was I welcomed
with open arms, but I was treated like family and
Vere (my mother-in-law) and I left interview after
interview just blown away by the outpouring of love
we received…

Next we had to deal with Vere’s phone’s constant ringing
from friends calling in to say that they had heard her on
the radio and wanting to know how to get a book

In all of this one of my biggest amazements was calling the
Piarco International Airport Bookstore and saying that we
had a vegetarian cookbook that simply had to be in their
store and immediately being told to send some copies to
their head office in downtown Port of Spain – the Capital

Then flying back home the same evening I stopped off in
the bookstore and chatted with an excited store attendant –
Anne, who told me that folks heading back home are always
asking for vegetarian cookbooks and that she could hardly
wait till Monday when the books I dropped off at the main
office would be delivered to the airport!

Now I’ve got to head back down to Trinidad in about 6 weeks
because the TV stations are disappointed that I didn’t have
sufficient time to come in with Vere to share some of the love
with them and their viewers…

To learn more and to get your very own copy of this
Spectacular Vegetarian Cookbook click the link below
to send Vere an email now

Click Here To Email Vere Now

Oh and I should add – things that set this cookbook apart are:

  1. All the ingredients in the recipes are available either in any
    Caribbean backyard or in your local market
  2. Every recipe comes with a photo, most of which I shot … and
    all these photos are a really cool feature of this cookbook
    compared to many others that don’t have many pictures … and
    the pictures are truly mouth watering thanks to Fareed
    Mohammed – the printer who went to great lengths to ensure
    colour fidelity
  3. At a time when many people are turning to a vegetarian diet
    as a healthier way to live there are so few vegetarian cookbooks
    with recipes that delight … UNTIL NOW – So Enjoy!
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