How To Get Award Winning Photos

Crystal Easter's St Lucia Picture
Crystal’s Purple Swirl Picture Scored A Perfect 15/15

How To Get Award Winning Photos

So I received this question from Bob the other day on
How to Get Award Winning Photos and I thought I’d
switch gears today, forget about figuring out the
Photo Lounge and concentrate instead on Bob’s question…

Okay so his question was “How To Get Award Winning
Photos?” Now truth is I think the answer to this one
depends on what award you are after, how many participants
are competing, what is the judging criteria, how stiff is
your competition … and there could be even more factors too…

Now I’m a firm believer that races are won in the pits; and to
this end if you are entering a photo competition I suggest the

  • Study the rules and get to know them inside out
  • Ideally get to know the breakdown of point allocation
  • Find previous winning pics and try to determine what gave
    them their edge
  • Then go out and create images that surpass all of these
  • Submit your best pictures and hope for the best!

While I cannot guarantee that you will win an award I can
promise that this approach will take your photography to great
new heights – competition or not.

Bob’s question reminds me of Greg & Crystal who did the photo
tour sometime ago and of Crystal who said that she had never
achieved a perfect score in her camera club and that getting such
a score would be her ultimate satisfaction coming out of the
St Lucia Photo Tour

So you can imagine my pleasant surprise receiving an email from
Crystal soon after she returned home saying: “Kirk I did it! Yes I
scored a perfect 15 with a flower I shot after doing your photo tour.

But you know I must let you in on a little secret – I have never really
won any photography awards… Actually that’s not quite true as in
writing this I just realized that my BIGGEST & BEST photography
award is YOU being a part of this photo lounge!

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5 thoughts on “How To Get Award Winning Photos

  1. Hello Kirk!! Hope all is well, I have a question for you and your friends…
    Looks like Greg and I may be shooting my daughters wedding this fall and I am looking to up grade my Canon Digital Rebel XTi –
    I like the idea of being able to take video as well. So many options out there-
    Any suggestions or experiences? I ideally would like to stick to a budget of around $1,500.

  2. I feel compelled to share my thoughts on “Photo Contests”. I am not a professional so I do not answer to anyone but myself. If I were I would need to answer to the person who hired my services. I look at contests the same way,trying to please someone else while NOT being compensated. I would put asking someone for Constructive Criticism of my photo in the same category. I approach EVERY shot I take with one thing in mind and that is to get the best shot I can get with my experience and knowledge. More times than not I am very pleased with my results and will print,frame and hang in my house. I am not looking for the praise(I have received much) or acceptance of others.I do it for myself,thats’s what makes it FUN.NO offense intended to anyone,this is just the way I roll. If I like it I’m HAPPY!!!!!

    1. Hey Wayne,

      Your comments make me so happy that I’m creating this lounge.
      Your comments also make me happy that I am asking for opinions
      of the group rather than building something that no one might
      even care for.

      Opinions as strong as yours are likely to cause others to join
      in with their thoughts and what I look forward to is that this
      family of photo enthusiasts that we are building grows into a
      group that strengthens our photographic skills – and so much

      And I am speaking for myself too as I’m constantly seeking new
      thoughts and ideas that help me push my boundaries.

      And as for contests – well here’s a little story: After coming
      back from studying in Jamaica I entered a photo competition here
      in St Lucia. I entered a few of my prized Jamaican shots, won
      either a 2nd or 3rd place (can’t even remember which now) and
      was rewarded with a prize of a $10 picture frame…

      Boy was I pissed!!! – And since then I have never entered another
      photo contest. Actually that’s not quite true as today the contest
      I win everyday is when someone signs up for a St Lucia Photo Tour
      and comes away knowing that they got exactly what they bargained
      for – And even more…

      Have I said that I love the way this Photo Lounge is shaping up?!?

      One Love,

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