Happy Thanksgiving

St Lucia Thanksgiving

On this day of Thanksgiving for my USA
friends I’m gonna take a moment to say
a heartfelt “Thank You” to you for
subscribing to my blog posts…

I am Happy, Humbled and Honoured that you
have taken time out from your busy days to
check out the things I’m sharing from my world,
and I hope that reading them brings you as much
pleasure as writing them for you brings me…

…And while today some may get caught up in the
material things of life I’d like to invite you to pause
and think of the truly priceless gifts of life like the
sun that came out this morning and the breath of
life that we all share …

Here’s a song by one of my favourite reggae bands
(Third World) that speaks so clearly to the power
of the priceless…Enjoy as we Give Thanks

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BadAss St Lucia Photographer

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Kirk Elliott

With over 25 years of Professional Photography experience, St Lucia Photographer Kirk Elliott is passionate about sharing his knowledge of photography with you and introducing you to Authentic St Lucia Culture most visitors never see…

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