Grenadines Day Trip From St Lucia

Grenadines Day Trip From St Lucia
Grenadines Day Trip From St Lucia

A few years ago a friend who owns an air charter company
said to me: “Kirk why don’t you jump on my plane and
check out the Grenadines day trip from St Lucia” to see if
you can create a photo package for day trippers

Well needless to say I didn’t need to hear this twice and
next day off I went down to the Grenadines and was I
blown away.  It was a long time since I’d flown on a light
aircraft and I missed the luxury of having the doors off
like when I shoot from a helicopter

But while shooting through the windows of the plane was
a challenge the views below were absolutely stunning and
I managed to get lots of pics that I am happy with.

The Pitons in the early morning light were spectacular
then as I flew past Mustique the palatial villas I saw were
like something off a movie set and it was hard to imagine
that many of them are just holiday homes!

From the time we reached Union Island where we boarded
The Scaramouche it was as if we were in a time warp – but in
a really cool way.  Everyone was so cool and laid back and it
looked like down there life is centered around the sea

One of the coolest things I saw was what seemed to be a house
built out of shells on an island that was barely bigger than the
house itself and for the owner’s sake I hope that global warming
is nothing more than a myth…

Sailing through all those little islands in waters that seemed too
beautiful to be real had me really appreciating what a magical
part of the world I happen to live in and it’s for the beauty and
peacefulness of the Grenadines that I encourage you to visit it too

Then we came upon that last little island and there she was…
a gorgeous beauty walking down the beach and I’m convinced
that after God created her he broke the mould since there’s no
improving on perfection!

And I knew right then that I had just been on one of my best
off island excursions ever…

And since a single picture could not do this Grenadines Day
Trip From St Lucia justice I’ve put together a little video
below just for you…


…And I’d love to get some feedback so be sure to post your
comments below

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