Discover Pigeon Island

Discover Pigeon Island
Pigeon Island ~ St Lucia

Today we’ll check out Pigeon Island and I think
it’s a really great place to start being near the top
of St Lucia.

Pigeon Island is the No.1 St Lucia National Park
with well preserved ruins from the 16 & 17 hundreds
when St Lucia changes hands some 14 times.  Yes –
St Lucia was one of the most fought over Caribbean
islands and was 7 times British and 7 times French…

Pigeon Island is great for a 1/2 day getaway.  Its got
well marked out pathways and various trails that lead
to Fort Rodney on the right and Signal Peak on the left

Fort Rodney is named after the British Admiral who
outfoxed the French navy in 1782 and won the battle
that has caused St Lucia to be English instead of French

And Signal Peak is named in recognition of the
fact that America used Pigeon Island to relay military
messages during World War II

With a Museum in the old Officers’ Quarters, a well stocked
bar below and a really cool seaside restaurant in front of
the island’s landing dock Pigeon Island is a great place to
spend 1/2 a day or more when you visit Saint Lucia…

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Bad Ass St Lucia Photographer

P.S.  Would love to here from you so let me know what you think of Pigeon Island and what you are most looking forward to in St Lucia or what was was your favourite thing to do when you were down here.

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