Celebrate Love In St Lucia

Love in St Lucia

Whether you are getting married, thinking of
getting married, coming to St Lucia on
honeymoon, or you’re here by yourself
Celebrate Love in St Lucia.


Truth is life is short and quite often we get all
caught up with today’s challenges of making a
living that we often forget to take time to create
a life…

So if you are coming away with someone special
make time to connect with each other.  Could be
through a walk down the beach hand in hand
enjoying each others company…

Or it could be through a romantic dinner at a fancy
St Lucia Restaurant or it could be on an
excursion that involves an activity you both like

And while in St Lucia celebrating love why not get
some Professional Pictures done to have a lasting
memory of your time away and some great pics to
hang on your wall back home…

St Lucia Vacation Photography

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Bad Ass St Lucia Photographer

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With over 25 years of Professional Photography experience, St Lucia Photographer Kirk Elliott is passionate about sharing his knowledge of photography with you and introducing you to Authentic St Lucia Culture most visitors never see…

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