Castries Market – St Lucia

Castries Market – St Lucia
Castries Market – St Lucia

The Castries Market is a truly unique world market
that is well worth a visit.  Here you’ll get a glimpse
into the REAL St Lucia and even get to feel her
pulse and heartbeat

The market covers a broad cross section of produce
from fresh fish to craft and souvenir items, to vendors
selling fresh from their farms produce as well as an
open air food court featuring the food that the natives eat

National Geographic rated the Castries Market as the #3
Food Market in the world which is no small feat any way
you slice or dice it…and the market has now become so
popular that it’s not unusual to see whole tables occupied
by visitors…

While in the market be sure to check out the fresh fruit and
vegetables as you are likely to come across familiar items as
well as things you’ve never seen before…and don’t be afraid
to ask the vendors questions about their produce.

Why not buy some fresh fruit and take it back to your hotel
to have it served to you at breakfast?!  The vendors will love
you for this and you are guaranteed to have some of the
sweetest freshest produce on island.

Be sure to come with well charged cameras and empty memory
cards as there will be so much for you to photograph in the
market.  And since you’ll already have your camera be sure to
venture into the city center for even more really cool pictures…

The Cathedral is a great building to photograph – both inside
and out… and the old world architecture of the building across
the street from it is a must shoot too.  Look for the details in the
wood work, the of the wood making up doors and windows etc…

Then lower down the street there’s the Derek Walcott Square,
named after one of St Lucia’s two Nobel Laureates and the
Castries Central Library just beyond – all of which are really
great for memorable photos.  In fact you get all this and more
when you sign up for a St Lucia Photo Tour

All of this makes for a really great time out for you and you’ll
have plenty of pictures to prove it…

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